The Perfect Grey Leather bag?

  1. Alright, so... Anna Corinna has come out with a grey version of her Lady duffle.... I already own it in black... but think it'd be a little much if i got the same bag in grey..

    Any reccomendations for a great grey leather bag that isn't going to cost me rent? I love indie designers... which is why I guess I'm so attracted to AC and stuff like that...
  2. I love it ! the colour is divine !
  3. pricier, but i love the gryson ava in khaki, which sure looks grey to me.
  4. Gorgous bag, great colour, get it if you love the style, bet it looks totally different in black!
  5. I agree that if you like the style, getting it in grey isn't a crazy decision
  6. Thanks so far, everyone....

    I am pretty tempted to just buy another Anna Corinna....
  7. i really love the biasia...saw it irl this weekend and the leather is lovely. that said, i'm a HUGE fan of buying the same item in different colors if you love it.
  8. ^^Luna, just buy another AC ... it's a beautiful bag and I absolutely love that grey color! I've been looking for a grey bag as well but in a more casual style (I have two grey bags already but they're Chanel so they're a little dressy). I like that Anna Corinna, I haven't seen another grey bag I like except for the Thomas Wylde one ... but I just can't justify the price for the TW one.
  9. How about a gustto? This is a nice blue-grey bag.
  10. Wow, thanks everyone! Great suggestions! I feel the love ;)
  11. If you love anna corinna and the grey color, why don't you get a different style like the city tote?
  12. Now, that's my kinda bag. One that can be worn on the shoulder & comes w/ an extra strap and can be worn messenger style. Convertible. Practical. Beautiful. And that's not a bag you see all over the place. Love it!

  13. I was thinking about getting the City tote... but I'm so attracted to the shape of the lady duffel.. and the city tote really isn't practical for me.. i hate hand carry bags...

    Thanks for the suggestion though. ;)