The perfect gift for a guy? Ideas Needed!

  1. Ok everyone, I have been putting this off for the longest time ever but I think its time to buy my friend a present.

    I know that he would appreciate whatever I gave him but I would love to get him something amazing.

    He is fortunate enough to be able to afford practically anything he wants so he doesnt wait around for people to get him something if he likes it he buys it. So im stuck!

    He bought me a lovely present - something I really wanted and he managed to figure it out. But I have no idea what to get. If I leave him speechless it will be mission accomplished.

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
  2. What is your relationship with your friend exactly? It is kind of difficult to help out....Is it for an occasion? Or just an "I'm glad you are my...?"

    Do you want something intimate, or a bit less so? Maybe leaving him speechless is dificult...what about something that he would us but doesn't know he needs? Have you got a price range in mind?

    Sorry, I seem to have more questions than answers!
  3. Well we are good friends, so I would like something to show that I care. Not something too intimate but nice. Its not for a specific occasion, but I didnt get him a birthday present - so it could be like a belated bday gift.

    He travels a lot, and is into sports ( he plays polo)..So maybe something to do with that. I dont know.

    I hope this has helped out a bit..Im just greatful someone responded!
  4. What about attending a wine auction and picking up something special? Or just a really great bottle of wine that you can take to a special place and picnic or hang out with?

    Does he like antiques, or old things? Maybe something in that vein might prove unique...go for a wander in a quality shop and see if something comes up. Classic editions of a childhood favourite book, or something he likes, like polo maybe and old trophy or photo of his hero? Sometimes those look really nice framed up regardless of his decor. Or maybe just a photo of his family (or friends),that means something to him.

    Let me know if any of these helped...I can think of a million things! What is your price range?