The PERFECT fall/winter coat

  1. Hi everyone!

    So I'm looking for the perfect coat this season and I think I have found it.

    My problem is it comes in 3 different colours and I'm not sure which one to choose.

    We have basic black

    Off white

    And houndstooth, but I can't find a photo of that option.

    I tried on the houndstooth version and I LOVED it. But I'm worried that it isn't classic or versatile enough. The off white looks amazing and really different. But it might not be practical. Black is always good, but doesn't seem to have the 'wow' factor of the other 2 colours.

    Which colour would you choose and why?

  2. I think houndstooth is always classic. The material of this coat seems to be pretty textured already though...perhaps the a houndstooth pattern might be a bit too much? Personally, I like the white pictures best, but I'm always too scared to wear a white coat. The buttons look a little cheesy on the black one, imo
  3. Houndstooth is definitely a classic, but considering the nature of the coat (huge collar, huge belt, etc.), I think the houndstooth fabric may be a bit excessive without actually seeing a picture of it.

    Based on the pictures above, I'd choose white even though it may take more time and energy to maintain; it's really chic and cute and I think the fact that it features contrasting color gives it a refreshing edge while still being a really classic coat. Plus, the black is too overpowering and almost looks military-ish because there's just SO much black and SO many huge accessories (belt, buttons, collars, etc.).
  4. I love love LOVE the white coat! I think you should choose that as well. Btw, who is the designer?
  5. is this mackage?
  6. Thanks so much for your input guys!

    The designer is Soia & Kyo. The prices are really reasonable for such well made coats. I tried on the coat last week and it was really heavy wool, with an amazing lining and you could tell that the stitching was well done.

    You can see most of the fall/winter 2007 line here. You can see the houndstooth version on that site, number 3 in the series.

    And you can buy their coats online here and a few other shops like Aritzia in Canada. They also have an online website that should be updated soon that you can shop online, or find stores in your area.

    That coat is around $340 Canadian, which is totally reasonable for the style and quality of the item!
  7. i like the white although it will be hard to maintain
    Is this something you want to have for a couple of years or just for this season...i ask because the buttons, coller and belt are so big it might not look so classic say 2 years from now.
  8. The collar and belt will probably always be Toronto, just because it is so cold here during the winter. We really need to be bundled up nice and tightly to keep warm during the long and cold winter season;)

    The buttons might date, but I always like retro touches, so I'm ok with that. I'm just worried that the houndstooth might not be versatile with other colours. It really was gorgeous though.

    Oh I forgot to mention that the coat also comes in Espresso for those who are interested in a dark brown coat. You can get it here;jsessionid=0A3EE70BF08E37BA851EE9A378AC3F0B.jvm2#
  9. What a brilliant looking Coat!!!
  10. I was looking into buying a Soia & Kyo trench but as I'm in the UK I need to be sure I get the right size. Just wondered how you found the sizing? Did you have to go up or down a size, or was it true to you usual?
  11. White! Especially if you have a somewhat tan complexion. :heart:
  12. LOVE IT !!!!!!Want the same, but I am in EU :sad:
    BTW I prefer the black, it has such good cut and feature like the massive buttons and belt, any pattern could be overwelming.
  13. I love the houndstooth, but the picture on the website is so small it's too hard to tell if it's too "busy". I like that one the best. The black doesn't have the same punch that the other 2 coats have. I adore the big buttons, and collar, it's gorgeous!
  14. I thought the sizing was very true to size. I am 5'2 with a small build, so I usually wear an extra small in everything and sometimes outerwear doesn't fit me well even if I get an extra-small. But the extra-small fit me perfectly.

    I think some of the website links I posted have measurements also if you want to be 100% sure.
  15. Since you are asking, I think that realistically that kind of coat is very hard to pull off, especially if you are petite. It will make you look shorter and bulkier (and if you are pear shaped, your hips will look extra wide); you may get away with skirts but with pants like the ones on the photo, the whole thing is a no-no for me.

    That being said, if you can get it altered to fit your figure, then go for WHITE because it's chic and timeless and keeps up with the mod cut of the coat.