The Perfect Crossbody Bag

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  1. I am FOREVER in search of the perfect compact bag, preferably crossbody, which can hold all of my essentials. Since I have to wear reading glasses it has always been a search, frustrating most times really, to find the right bag big enough yet small and light enough to hold an eyeglass case, keys, compact wallet, cell phone, pen, lip balm/lipstick and handiwipes. Even better, would be for the bag to do a presto chango from crossbody to shoulder bag to a clutch. While picking up my Chelsea Shopper today at the D&B outlet I came across the Small Pebble Grain Barrel satchel. It's cute so I bought it. While home tinkering with what I can put in it I discovered that it holds everything that I need for a quick run or a night out AND the strap can be turned into a wrislet AND it's a cute bag AND it isn't heavy!!! I will post pics of it empty and full and I added modeling shots.
  2. I have the toggle crossbody in black and brown t moro. Versatile and comfy.
  3. pics
    IMG_0578.JPG IMG_0579.JPG 20160404_230653.jpg
  4. Mod pic. Sorry pic is sideways.
  5. Great choice, Florentine Quack. I have the Toggle as well but haven't worn it yet. It is a nice size but I'm always looking for smaller.
  6. I used the strap from my Dillen crossbody that easily clips onto the Barrel bag.
  7. I love my Bitsy bag! It holds a lot but is very compact! I like how it opens wide like the Zip zip so you can see everything! I just posted a pic for you on another thread ...tote or crossbody!
  8. I saw it in the oyster color which is absolutely Gorgeous!!! I tried on the bitsy but with my 5'10 frame the bag isn't a good fit for me so I got the Zip Zip which I like alot. Both versions are versatile and classy purses.

  9. Wow... Didn't realize it held so much! Cute bag
  10. Thank you kindly, Ms PcanTannedBty. ��
  11. Perfect crossbody!
  12. Thank you, MrsKC. I couldn't believe how much it holds. ��