The Perfect College Tote? Help!!

  1. I'm an incoming freshman to a university in Washington D.C. and I'm all ready on the hunt for the perfect tote bag! The bag needs to be:

    --large enough to fit a 13" laptop
    --closable on top (I have an open tote from LeSportSac right now and things fall out of it all the time! It's so annoying.)

    And of course it goes without saying that it has to be fashionable. ;) I've done my usual vintage shopping but no luck. A Longchamp Pliage would fit all my requirements--and I like how it looks--but the fact that it's so ubiquitous makes me kind of hesitant. Thoughts? Help!!
  2. Herve Chapelier totes are roomy, very functional and come in a ton of fun colors... only drawback is that, like the Longchamp, alot of girls have them.
  3. longchamp bags a good, coach hamptons weekend multifunction tote, or vuitton navgilo (sp?)
  4. I love Herve Chapelier- you could run a truck over those bags and they'd still work as good as new.
  5. Hi, what's your budget?
  6. Non-leather choice: please take a look at Janinekingdesigns' laptop totes:

    Abstract No: 9

    Stylish (to me anyway :smile:), lightweight and durable
    $49 plus shipping



    - Dimensions: 18" wide seam to seam x 12" high x 4½"
    - Exterior Zip Compartment is 7" deep and spans full
    width of bag.
    - Three interior pockets. See picture of bag interior
    for pocket dimensions.
    - Secure top zipper closure
    - Double straps are 24" end to end. Made from durable
    nylon webbing (not inferior polypropylene).
    - Fully lined with heavy black twill treated to
    repell moisture and stains. The twill we use is heavy
    like canvas but with a tighter weave for even better


  7. i'm a student and i really like longchamp too! why don't you try one of the less ubiquitous ones like the black bag with black leather and silver buttons? i see that one a lot less than the other colored ones.

    you could also try the anna corinna city tote. it doesn't close on top but it king of flaps over... which is sort of like closing. just do a search for it on google.

    good luck with finding a bag and college!
  8. What school in DC? I went to college out there :smile:

    Anyway, I used herves and longchamps mostly, mixed with the occasional other tote. There's a reason so many people use them, they're affordable and you can pile all your junk in them and they still look decent after heavy use!

    If you do go with them, get a dark color to not show the wear as much. Or with an herve, a dark color on the bottom.
  9. I'm on the other side of the country and have been in college for three years. I don't know if it's based on location or what but Herve Chapelier & Longchamp saren't that common. (lots of coach & juicy though).

    incidentally, herve chapelier & longchamp are what gets my vote
  10. A lot of people at my college also use longchamp/herve.. My mom got me this bag (going to try to post pictures.. first time so I'm hoping it works) and it came with a little makeup pouch (that I use for pens and lipgloss and such sometimes) and I love it because it is my ultimate throw around bag. Seriously I have treated this bag like crap and it still looks good! I also like the pattern...a lil old lady for me but it's grown on me. It fits SO much (think laptop, 8 library books, ipod, cell, etc.etc.etc) And surprisingly, even though it was cheap, it gets more compliments than some of my nicer bags.
    It's made by "two's company." I did a quick search online and did not reallly find any in super cute patterns but I know they exist because my sister has one too and hers is even cuter than mine! heh.
    IMG_1140.JPG IMG_1141.JPG IMG_1142.JPG
  11. i see a lot of girls with coach & gucci totes on campus
  12. Blimey you've got some posh college students - no-one over here in the UK really bothers.
  13. I think you should go to a Coach outlet and get a big, great tote that can take a beating. I also saw a great big tote bag at the Celine outlet that the SA told me she used for college. I thought that was very cool -- a Celine, denim monogram tote for a school bag. Get something on sale or in outlet. Go to Marshalls, etc. Don't stress over it. You're in college! Enjoy!!!!
  14. Vera Bradley
  15. How about one of the large Ani Nadia bags from (You can also order directly from It's HUGE!

    These are used by Diane Sawyer, Cameron Diaz, and reportedly, the NY fashion crowd.

    Here it is in black-- there are other colors, too:

    I have a medium Cameron and it can fit a mag, water botttle, etc. I ordered the large Nadia and returned it bc it was just too big for my needs, but it might be good for a college student: