The Perfect Coach Agenda Would Be...

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  1. I use a smart phone for most of my calendar stuff but I still need to write down information a lot of the time so I use both Outlook and an agenda. I've never bought a Coach agenda b/c they only do the wire version.

    So, here's my plea:

    Dear Coach,

    Please take your natural legacy slim tote and turn it into an agenda. Or, you can take your large legacy stripe lagenda and use all leather with the stripes on the inside. Then, please add rings instead of a wire-bound version.

    Oh, and add a pocket or slip-in for a PDA/Phone...

    I'm thinking it would be a big seller....:tup:
  2. See...just take this, put leather on the outside and stripes on the inside. Perfect!

    I should work for Coach's design team, don'tcha think?:P

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  3. Hi T-mama! Yes, you'd be great on the design team! I thought that maybe Coach had at one time sold agenda's with the rings because they sell the insert for 3 ring agendas, but I haven't seen that type of agenda currently sold. I've used Franklin Covey agenda's for years, but they're usually bulky & not very stylish, IMO. I wish Coach had more of an agenda selection too!! I'm constantly writing down notes when I'm out & about & I just have a little notepad, but I'd love to look more stylish! Seems a bit weird to have a beautiful, expensive bag & accessores, then just use a $1 notepad! :nogood:
  4. Firewalkerko,

    I use a compact Franklin planner too b/c I need to keep info by subjects handy and it's often faster to write than type on my phone.

    You think we can get this in Coach's ear? I think we should compile all our great suggestions and send them to Coach for their consideration. Then, they should give us each a 1st class shopping spree where we get to pick one back and matching accessories!:graucho:

    Oh, and this my 500th post! Yipee!
  5. I wonder how Coach comes up with their designs? You'd think they would appreciate input from us die hard Coach fanatics!!! I know there was another thread on TPF about suggestions for Coach for new items! Someone should send them in!!! And I agree, we should be given first (free!) dibs on these new items if they take our suggestions! That would only be fair, don't you think? :graucho: They would make a ton of money for sure!!!
  6. Do any of our beloved Coach SAs know anything about new agendas coming in the fall?
  7. Ooh, I would :heart: a ring-bound agenda as opposed to a wire bound one. Great idea TejasMama!!
  8. I happen to have a Coach ringed agenda. I agree Coach should bring them back. I use the Day Runner calendar refills, note sheets, etc. The rings allow adding individual pages to the phone/address and reference pages. The wired address book needs to be tossed and rewritten when full.

    I was very disappointed that the Legacy Stripe Agenda didn't come with rings!:tdown:
  9. They used to make one as I have one that is about 7 years old. Well, it is somewhere, I just don't remember where I put it. I don't even know if I could buy refills for it anymore. It's leather but for the life of me I can't remember the color. (it's not the normal black or brown)
  10. Most companies do appreciate feedback and input from Consumers. I believe Coach is releasing travel pieces this fall based on consumer requests.

    That "written" letter to Coach needs to be sent, or everyone here should flood the #800 with calls asking them to bring back ringed agenda's.
  11. Yes!! And make it in the 4x7 size.
  12. I would be happy to compile everyone's ideas and put them together in a letter to Coach. Ideas here?
  13. YES!! A three-ring agenda would be first on my list of suggestions! I use a small mono LV as mine, but would love a Coach too.
  14. 3 ring agenda would be nice so i could add and remove pages!

    and i would love the legacy striped agenda in the smaller size agenda

    i used to use bigger agendas cause i loved that they held more but then i realized i didnt need all the room at all so now i use the small size coach agenda and its totally perfect cause i can carry it in any purse anywhere with me and a little legacy striped one would be SOOOO cute!! :smile:
  15. A ringed agenda....YES!!! I'd buy that in a heartbeat!