The perfect clutch/evening bag

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  1. Since I've just gotten a great bag, it's time to begin searching for the perfect clutch. I am absolutely smitten with the Amanda Satin Drawstring, but then again I LOVE the satin kisslock bags. (Hmm... there's a running satin theme here LOL!)

    Opinions? What bags have proved the test with you guys? And what would you recommend? And more importantly - what's your favorite?? :graucho:
  2. I love the Ocelot wristlet...It is large and has quite a bit of room....:smile:
  3. i love the amanda satin drawstring also.. i have been eying one on bonanzle, i just dont have the funds for it right now =[
  4. I like the OCELOT wristlet.
  5. I love the ocelot wristlet! :biggrin:

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  6. There were satin amanda wristlets at FP in December that went to outlet, 43402 is the style number. They're real cute. Originally 98

    There was also an amanda flap bag, style number 14349 that came in black and magenta. Originally 248 or 278, I believe.
  7. Darcy, black satin. Perfect for evenings out. If it's a casual evening out at a bar/club/restaurant, I take Bridgit in metallic, or the Garnet clutch in metallic gold. Or, sometimes the Madison hobo in metallic leather (are we seeing a theme here?). Garnet's been my go-to lately (I just LOVE the shape of the clutch. Not so much the Garnet handbags). It's so sparkly next to my plain-Jane clothing. :smile: