The perfect Chloe for a Balenciaga gal?

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  1. hey ladies, :yes:

    i'm most often on the bbag forum, but i want to branch out and try other brands. i've long been a fan of chloe bags, namely the paddies, but don't own one.

    what i love about bbags is that they're light and not incredibly fussy. i'm a photographer and carry a SLR camera with me wherever i go, so i need something that can handle that, plus my other junk (makeup bag, moleskine, book, etc.) - without breaking my back. saying this - i really love the padlocks, though i hear they're heaaaavy.

    do you have any suggestions? i have been trawling through the chloe forum trying to get a feel for what's out there but there's just soo much! something with a shoulder strap preferred...

    thanks so much in advance! :heart:
  2. what about the smaller unquilted bay bag with shoulder strap. I've heard loads of comments from Balenciaga girls about how its a Chloe style they really like. The bag is light and the leather is gorgeous, it is also much user friendly than the paddington, which can be awkward to open.

    Or the betty, I don't have one, so am just going on pictures and comments, but it looks great, and probably fulfills your criteria.
  3. I also recomment the Bay bag. The leather is actually *kind of* similar to Balenciaga leather, and it is the lightest Chloe bag.
  4. If it's the Paddys you have been lusting after then I think you should go for one of them. I have a medium paddy and don't find it heavy at all (but bear in mind I have been carting around a Mulberry Roxanne for the few months prior to getting my chloe;))

    You can get Paddys in various sizes and styles so why don't you have a look through the purseforum chloe pages for insperation.

  5. :yes: I will also suggest the non-quilted bay bag! Is light and roomy~
  6. How about the Chloe Tekla? I think it's a great transition bag for Bbag lovers. The Tekla isn't too heavy, and it has an edgy vibe to, the leather is really soft and slouchy...there are some currently on sale at!
  7. The Edith has the same "boxy" shape as the City does, IMO. I like that one best. (I am biased, I have it in Chamois ;)).
  8. I'm a Choe -> Bal convert and I want to warn you:

    the Paddingtons are HEAVY. I mean really heavy.

    It's not the padlock either, it's the leather itself. It's thick and it's DURABLE and lasts and lasts and still looks AMAZING.

    But it's HEAVY.

    If you want a bag to last for a long time and keep looking good, go fo a Paddington for sure.

    But be prepared for a shoulder Paddy to weigh 5lbs + padlock + contents


    PS. I still have two Paddys and a Silverado and I love them all!!
  9. I was going to suggest the silverado... especially in python if you can swing it!

    I have to echo what everyone else is saying about the weight of paddies... they look so good but they really do weigh a ton. I've collected a lot of them and then sold them because they're just so darn heavy, especially if you're used to a light n' lovely balenciaga!
  10. :yes: I just got my first paddy and it's so heavy. I still love her though..
  11. In regard to the weight of the Paddy, I had initial reservations about the weight and put off getting one for a while due to that fact. I finally got my first yesterday and was shocked how light it actually was. I think I was preparing for something that weighed similar to my 15-month old daughter (who I'm used to carrying because she isn't walking on her own yet), as I'd heard a few comments likening it to a "small toddler". :graucho:

    If you can trial a Paddy before you buy, then I recommend doing that.

    I also have a Bay, which I haven't even used yet, but it definitely fits the "practical" bill. :yes:
  12. What I can say is this -->> The Chloe Paddington IS heavy... but so worth it!:heart:
    The leather is itself a piece of heaven, thick and smooshy. Makes me drool again....:drool:

    p/s: I am also a Balenciaga-to-Chloe gal:P

  13. What about the Betty?
  14. thanks for all your words of advice, ladies - they're much appreciated!

    i seem to be drawn towards the paddington hobo as i look through the selection of paddingtons...but i really don't think i should be buying a big bag if it's already made of heavy materials!

    so, i guess i will probably end up buying myself a smaller chloe bag that i won't be able to stuff my life into (but therefore won't get as much use as an everyday bag), if you know what i mean! :biggrin: chloe bags are too gorgeous to pass up, even if they are heavy...

    for now, i've got my eye on the luscious paddington loaves - although i hear they're hard to come by!

    thanks everyone! :biggrin:
  15. Everyone has given you awesome information so far. I agree, the paddington is heavy but worth it. What about the Silverado tote? It gives you the size & gorgeous leather.
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