the perfect cheese sandwich (could sustitute it for chocolate)

  1. i never visit this section because it makes me so hungry but i thught i would share my favourite comfort food with you all.

    you need an uncut loaf of bread and cut a big chunk about 2 inches thick. next stick the knife in the top to make a hole to hold the filling, add a little mustard, thick sliced ham and lots of grated cheese before buttering the outside and grilling it.

    or when im really baddly PMSing i substitute the cheese mustard and ham for good dark chocolate and make chocolate filled french toast. then spread on raspberry jam when its cooked.
  2. :drool: i'm SO trying the chocolate version when I get home tonight.
  3. yum!
  4. The chocolate version sounds disturbing. And putting raspberry on chocolate is sick and unnatural. Raspberry stuff should be given to sick and unnatural friends and family members as gifts, not eaten.
  5. :confused1:
  6. You get some raspberries, and you make conserves or candies or little cakes, or whatever horrid little raspberry thing you can bring yourself to make. Then you package it in Martha Stewart grade jars, boxes, and ribbons, and you present it to those among your loved ones who are sick and unnatural enough to actually like raspberries, and they eat it up, making little faces and noises of delight.

    Sadly, this happens every day, all over the world.
  7. :roflmfao: I take it you don't like the little red berries, Shimma? I feel the same way about cherries and bananas.

    I personally don't think fruit and chocolate should mixed.

    I also am amazed at the OP eating a whole loaf of bread with ham and cheese stuck in the middle.
  8. NOT A WHOLE LOAF!!!!!! i said cut a piece about an inch thick.
  9. Funny you should mention cherries. This is the only fruit that reasonable people eat with chocolate. Hence Black Forest Cake.

    That didn't phase me a bit. Hmm. And we wonder why I'm having such trouble losing those last 12 pounds...
  10. Well I feel strangely disappointed, and a little let down, but its OK.

    . o O ((She says she never comes here much, one day she does and just look! She will think we are all nutcases.))

    Oh cherry pie, we are sorry. Nobody meant for you to find out we are all nutcases and I am really the only truly alarming one when you think about it, and I take a lot of pills.

    What you have to hold onto is that there are a lot of people who are not posting because they have gone off to discover what all they can stuff into loaves of bread, but are just too shy to say so.