The Perfect Burgandy Bag!

  1. I've decided that my next bag should be burgandy. I'd love help locating the "perfect" burgandy bag. The problem I'm having is that finding a true burgandy has proven to rather difficult. The ones that I've looked at are either too purple, too red or too brown.

    It doesn't have to be a certain style of handbag. I carry everything. iid like to keep the price below $1500... maybe a little more if it's a more "classic" style...maybe a little less a more "trendy" style.

    Because there are such varied tastes on this Forum, i'm hoping i'll see bags that are new to me. Thanks for your help!
  2. Grenat Balenciaga or Grenat Chloe paddy.
  3. [​IMG]
    Dior Detective!!!! It was 30% off at Saks right before Xmas!!!!
  4. Chloe makes amazing burgandy bags. Such rich leather!
  5. I like the burgundy colour on the Dior bag. It's lovely!
  6. I just bought this bag from Bluefly. It's really cute in person (made by Tocca):

  7. Jimmy Choo Ramona or Riki in bordeaux patent--if you can find one. ;)
  8. Yes, I agree, grenat is gorgeous! The Ramona is wonderful too!
  9. I love this bag! Just gorgeous. =)
  10. Cosmopotilan, you are killing me with this TDF bag. =)
  11. Thanks sweetie. You know, when that patent Ramona first hit the shelves last July, I RAN to my local JC boutique after work and snagged it. It was way too hot for patent at the time, and it was a real impulse buy. But sometimes these impulses pay off!
  12. I saw this burgundy bag at the The Purse Store -it's by Anja Flint Carter. Regularly $660 on sale for $396-free shipping.
  13. Here's another one by Bally that I found on the Zappos website:

  14. I'm with Cosmopolitan, the JC Bordeaux Patent Leather!:party: