The perfect boots....if only

  1. So. I found the perfect boots (for me...the lover of all things suede) to go with my black Ring bag. :tup: Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! :heart: If you saw them you all would want them too! :girlsigh: In fact, I think we could all get together in our matching boots and our Ring bags of varying colors and brunch together, Eggs Benedict for me!:yahoo:(hey....hollandaise sauce excites me....get over it). ;)

    Oh, but there is just one wee problem. I have no freaking idea who the designer of the boots is!! :push: Here they are....have any of you seen them perchance? Here they are on the oh so lovely Miss Hilary Duff....

  2. Boy Stinker they look like they should be Jimmy Choo's:yes:

    I will take you up on the Brunch and I'm with you, forget the eggs, just give me a gallon of hollandaise sauce and I'll eat anything with it :drool:
  3. No kidding!! Sometimes when I want to go "healthy" I'll order Eggs Florentine! Yeah, cuz there's no chance of any arteries screaming there! :nogood:

    And WHAT the heck game are the Patriots playing???? :cursing:
  4. OK...seriously? Don't make me hunt this poor girl down! Like I really need a restraining order at this stage of the game! :amuse:

    Someone has surely seen these boots somewhere! Hmmm.....maybe on Tom Brady the winning quarterback of the New England Patriots who just went 16-0 tonight to make NFL history??? Um, no?? But WHAT a game!! ;)

    I WANT these boots and I shall not rest until they are in my closet...mark my words....they WILL be mine.....nmwaaahaaahhh!! :devil:
  5. Have you posted in the glass slipper? Why is the lovely Miss Duff sporting a cave man as her favourite accessory?
  6. :lol: Oh, I thought that was the Hollywood thing to do...You know that Federline dude, and that pothead Lindsey Lohan fell for during rehab? :nogood:
  7. Oh, and to stay on topic, because I know how important it is for Stinker to keep threads all neat and tidy and on track :lol: I have no idea about the boots, but the do resemble Choo styling.

    I'll have my bennies with plenty of english muffin slabbed in butter and a gallon of hollandaise on the side, hold the egg and pork products. THANKS! :nuts:
  8. This must be a " you tarzan, me Jane" phenomenon. These guys look like they can hunt down the beef. I mean, the Duff guy looks like he's been fighting a (another) gorilla (when in fact he's probably been hit by a paparazzi or bouncer). As long as these girls can visualize their cave men dragging some mammoth to the cave, everybody's happy.
  9. What's more, the jeans he has a rip in look like TR's and the rip doesn't look like they were bought that way. Kids these days! ..... :graucho: I wonder if this should be in the celeb section? :biggrin:
  10. Stinker - I have been trying to find those boots for you. They do have the Choo styling, with the belted detail. I found a reference to the photo, it was from November 2007, and a celeb website called couturecandy has it. There is even a site that showed the picture and different looks to mimic hers. But no one says who makes the boots. I'll keep looking.
  11. They kinda look like Choos. Are they flat or heels? I have this pair of flat Choos which are similiar...they are flats, but the strap is not leather. They are a couple of years old tho. I can't imagine this person wearing anything more than 30 days old!
    c boots 001.JPG
  12. I have been looking at every site I can find :sos: to locate your beloved boots :yes:

    Every time I think I have found it, I look back at the photo and it's just a little different :push:

    Have no fear Stinkerbelle

    We WILL find your boots if it is the last thing we do :search:
  13. Here is another pic, they are heels:

  14. Hmmmm.....they kind of remind me of Sergio Rossi too.