The PERFECT black tote!!!


Dreaming in Shoeland
Jul 19, 2007
It just seems so elusive!
I feel like I've been searching for this bag for such a long time now but I keep hitting a brick wall.
Experts,I need your help!

My dream tote should be black rich leather,soft and a little slouchy but not too slouchy,big(about 16-17 x 12-13 x 4-5)...Preferably with outside pockets but not necessarily.Reasonable handle drop 9-12" at least.Definitely inside pockets.I'm not particular about zip or magnetic closure.

Finally,my budget is just $600.00! I know that's low but I really can't afford more than that right now.

I've been looking at few but I'd just like your suggestions.
Thank you.


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May 2, 2007
I hope you find it! I'm on a similar search too. Every tote I like has a handle drop that's too short. How can they make these big totes that carry a lot of stuff, eventually get heavy and then make them so that they don't fit on your shoulder??

Anyway, its a little more structured than you might want, but if you like Coach,

Good luck!


Oct 27, 2007
I've been looking for an all-purpose, soft leather, slouchy and large bag for a while, too and also hitting that brick wall... until now. I recently fell in love with Linea Pelle bags. They look so versatile and the leather looks thick yet soft. I love the way the bag hangs... and they are ROOMY. Oh, the price is just right, too! And I hear they are tough.
I just bought a large Dylan Speedy... I can't wait to get it in the mail.
If you're looking for a tote, check out the brand new Lauren Conrad tote... it is gorgeous and everyday-chic. Otherwise, Linea Pelle has a ton of shoulder bags!
Good luck!
Jan 16, 2007
Dec 3, 2006
Sorry that I can't offer suggestions...but I am on the hunt for pretty much the identical bag you mentioned (price and all). So thank you for starting the thread and I'll definitely keep following it for the suggestions!


Dreaming in Shoeland
Jul 19, 2007
I'm so happy to find out I'm not the only one on the hunt...the ignes is gorgeous!
I'm seriously considering the HH Sonia tote but I just want to listen to everyone's suggetions first.
I've considered Coach but they just don't have IT...kwim?
I'll look into Linea Pelle...
Keep it coming ladies...Thank you.
Mar 17, 2007
I have a linea pelle. Not a black tote but a different washed leather color. It has many compartments on the inside and outside and it's very good quality. However it might not be big enough depending on your needs and I don't think lp has a huge line of totes. Although good quality, I'd probably look at other brands mentioned.

I really cannot get over that ignes though! I have it so they'd email me when they have it back in stock. Their video on how they make bags was interesting and the leather looks sumptuous.

The hayden harnett looks trendy with the hardware and I like that one too. Coach, a bit cleaner cut depending on what you'd rather go for.


Mar 14, 2007
I have an Ormala bag from igneshandbags. You should send them an email. They were very accomodating to me. The bag/color I wanted was out of stock but she special made one to me. It was during a sale they were having back in August and she ended up giving me a special discount. Unfortunately I have so many bags and have yet to use this one :sad: It is a gorgeous bag and the leather was lovely. The Sofia looks wonderful! :drool:


Sep 8, 2006
I know what you mean--I'm on the same search. Not sure if it's slouchy enough but how about the Hayden Harnett Sonia. .

Also check out from England, and look at the various bags. The Sofia, pictured, is the most slouchy, but currently out of stock in black. $380 (plus shipping to the U.S. not sure what that would be.)

View attachment 304598

View attachment 304599

Doesn't look like they ship to the US or Australia..:crybaby:


Jan 6, 2006
I suggest the Love me in black crash or balck matte from Belen. It has everything you ask for and the inside is just perfectly diveded in 2 big compartments with a zipped one in the middle and another zipped pouch, pda and mobile pouch.
Here's the
but it can be that you can just see the regular bags again after the Sample sale.