The Perfect Black Bag

  1. Hey guys,

    I've been searching for the perfect black bag with perferably gold hardware. For some strange reason I can't find it. I've looked at Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Burberry, Dior, Chloe, LV, Fendi and I can't find it and I don't like simple.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? :s
  2. If you like gold hardware, you should look at balenciaga city with big gold hardware.
  3. Take a look at Jimmy Choo's Ramona or the smaller version, which is called the Riki.

  4. Here is mine, which I hope is classic enough to last as long as my love for it. :winkiss:

    Chloe Ascot

  5. I love the black Kooba Sienna (the smoother leather not that one they did this last fall). It is a gorgeous bag IRL.
  6. are you kidding??? I have the opposite problem!
    I currently have 7 black bags and at least 3 more on my wish list :nuts:

    My problem isn't finding a Bag ... it's finding the CASH - LOL!
  7. how about this Balenciaga Brief

  8. Chanel - perfect black bag with gold hardware!
  9. chanell flap, or if thats too simple the luxe bowler. or now the new sling bag- thats HOT!
  10. chanell flap, or if thats too simple the luxe bowler. or that new sling bag
  11. MJ stam? And I also like that Jimmy Choo Riki!
  12. How about the Dolce & Gabbana? It looks better in person. I thought of buying it, but the last thing I needed was another black bag.

    Or the patent one (also from D&G) I just saw on

    Good luck!
    D&G.jpg D&G2.jpg
  13. Thanks guys, I'll look into them. I haven't seen the Balenciaga bag yet. I like the Marc Jacobs with the chunky gold chain but I'm also leaning towards the Gucci Pelham black guccissima bag with the braided handle. Any thoughts?
  14. It's an endless search. Although.. in saying that, mine would have to be my black Balenciaga First.
  15. I would definitely recommend the Botkier Bianca in Medium or Large. The black Gucci Pelham with braided straps is a close second in my opinion. The advantage of the Botkier is a secured top with a flap, unlike the open top on the Gucci. Are you looking online mostly? If so, I would recommend that you try on some bags in person. Pictures just don't do some bags any justice.