The perfect black bag

  1. I am in search of the perfect black Chanel bag. I thought I had it in the Cloudy Bowler small tote, but nope, it was too big at the bottom and the shoulder strap kept slipping off.

    This is what I am looking for, perhaps you can suggest something?
    -med size (balenciaga city size and shape)
    -nice soft smooshy leather
    -obscure logo (a CC is fine, but not huge, nothing that screams, I am Chanel)
    -silver hardware
    -a classic!

    I am ready to make the investment, but it must be PERFECT. so far the cloudy bowler and the YSL Rive Gauche are out...
  2. I personally am in love with the BABY CABAS in Black....Everyone in my house is FLOORED by how much I LIVE in that bag!!LOL!
  3. Funny! I was just looking at pics of yours ;). SA is searching for one for me. What are the chances??

    Does the chain on the shoulder get uncomfortable if you load your bag up? Does it dig?
  4. ^^I, too, love the baby cabas. I have the khaki and it is very comfortable! Good luck with your search!
  5. Ultimate soft in medium quilted black!
  6. ^^ i second absolutanne's suggestion. ;)

    picture courtesy of DJO.
    ultimate soft medium.jpg
  7. Ooooo! That's nice too!! Will I have trouble finding that one? My hope of the cabas are dwindling...
  8. zerodross, did you end up getting the ultimate soft??

    tabbyco, It's a perfect day to night bag! the ultimate soft also comes in the non-fold over kind - it looks like a frame bag with 2 straps instead of one.
    I'm partial to the picture above bc I have one! :smile:
  9. I'm liking the price alot better than the cloudy bowler!
  10. Absolutanne - are u totally happy with the US? I was a little disappointed when I put my stuff in it and put it on my shoulder, it caves in the middle. The bag is so beautiful when it sits there but I don't like the way it looks on my shoulder & my stuff is in it. It's like it is all concave in the middle and distorts the beauty of the bag. Just curious of your thoughts and if you are experiencing the same thing.
  11. i think i'd go for the ultimate soft bc the baby cabas does still come with a rather large metal logo hanging off it (as you mention that sort of thing bothers you).
  12. i say either the classic flap 2.55 or the reissue! the new one with patent leather and silver hardware is gorgeous and the mademoiselle clasp is discreet :smile:
  13. classic flap.. in caviar or patent!
  14. i'm not sure about the availability of the cabas (but i have the utmost confidence that the ladies of the board would help you locate one, just look at the success stories here! :graucho:).

    nonetheless, i do know that the ultimate soft can be found - and it's thanks to the help i got from the board! the chanel in hawaii (ala moana) has 6 ultimate soft in stock the last time i called them (last week). i was told to look for gareth - who's really helpful! their number is (808) 942 5555. there's a bit of a price difference though, because he quoted me $1500+ and an estimated $50 for courier/delivery charges.

    i hope that helps!
  15. hi absolutanne!
    yup! i just ordered it from gareth in the hawaii store and i hope it gets delivered soon! thanks for the help! :love: