The perfect bath, body, beauty gift??

  1. I have a friend I would like to buy a christmas present for. we've been pretty good friends for about a year now so i'd like to get her something nice but really only spending max $40-50. she loves bath and body products (not the store) and we love going into ULTA and spending a great amount of time in that store. What i'm looking for is some type of gift set that really isn't all that specific but great for anyone because i'm not really sure what she "likes" specifically. Anyone know of some great gift sets from ULTA or Sephora or anywhere else? All suggestions appreciated!!!
  2. Philosophy ususally has some great gift sets out this time of year. You could check Sephora. could get her a Sephora gift card so she can choose something....
  3. i thought about doing just a gift card but that just doesn't seem as fun. i know she'd love a gift card from ulta. i've looked at the philosophy gifts sets and they seem really fun, but i haven't used any of their products so i woudln't know which one to get!
    i also thought of maybe like half gift set gift and half gift card. one of the major mall department stores here has a big philosphy counter so i think i might go check that out!
  4. The Philosphy 3 in 1 products are amazing! They smell great. I don't really use them for anything other than shower wash or bubble bath, but I love them!
  5. I think that a philosophy set would be a great idea! If you look on, they have special configurations made only for them. Crabtree & Eveyln also makes some really great products and they also do gift sets this time of the year.
  6. Philosophy and L'occtaine products are safe gifts to give.
  7. I second Archipelago's idea. L'Occitane makes great product sets, which are quite safe since they have all kinds of stuff. It doesn't hurt they're great quality and pretty packaging, too.
  8. Marshalls and TJ Maxx has a great selection of bath products......Their prices are good and even better in the clearance section. I have bought relatives the most expensive egypitian bath sheets as gifts from Home Goods......this is something none of them would every buy---and they all loved it. So sometimes instead of bath products a high quality bath towel that you can wrap youself in is great.
  9. Lush has some nice gift sets.
  10. I bought my best work friend the Philosophy Home for the Holidays gift set.
    It has 3 great body washes and they smell fab! I only use Philosophy body washes myself. The Grace line is amazing too. It is a cleaner soap and water smell, if you don't like "food" smells. I love Pure Grace and my mom uses Amazing Grace.
  11. the body shop's cranberry line is the best!!! i've never none anyone who didn't like it...
  12. I bought three of my friends the holiday Sephora makeup brush set- I thought it was a nice luxury item we don't alway think to spend on. It came in a holder that the top pulls up and the brushes are all accessible-great for sitting on your counter. Hope they like it!
  13. i'd recommend philosophy or l'occitane as well. my personal favorite gift in the bath/body/beauty category is the fresh sugar star treatment (has body scrub, lip balm, and hand cream) but that oen is $85.