The Perfect Ballet Flat

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I'm in need of some assistance.

    I'm looking for the perfect Ballet Flat for work and everyday use.

    I wear a lot of pencil jeans / pants and I'm looking for a ballet flat that will work with the pencil look pant.

    I have the Chanel Cambon ballet flat in white with the black CC, and those look perfect with all my pants, but as we all know, fall is rolling around and I can not wear a white shoe.

    Does anyone know of a perfect ballet flat?

    Designer or price does not matter.

    Thank you all in advance.
  2. i'm obsessed with delman flats (usually around 275) but french sole also makes a really chic little flat in tons of patterns/ colors.
  3. I'm currently obsessing about Lanvin ballet flats, either regular ballet style or in a mary jane style - yum!

    I also have Tory Burch Revas I love too!
  4. Tory Burch Revas are SO comfy. I agree with redney that the lanvin flats are hot -- but I can't afford them so I can't vouch!
  5. I love my CL ballet flats in a soft patent leather!
  6. I am a major Lanvin fan, I love the cut and the fit.
  7. I have 2 Tory Burch & love them but I also love my Louboutin flats...very comfy! Coach does also make a few comfy cute ones.
  8. ive got all Chanel flats, they r the best!
    if u want some ballerinas wit funky design, i suggest French Sole, they r cute & comfy
    also Lanvin isnt bad at all..but my fav is still Chanel- hehe :love:
  9. I recommend Christian Louboutin flats in black leather. I love mine- they are so very comfortable!
  10. Thanks Ladies!
    Regarding the CL flats, is there a name or style for them?
    I looked at the current collection at Barneys, Saks and neiman and I didn't see a comfortable looking flat.

  11. I recommend Lanvins - I don't wear flats regularly, but when I do, this is it.
  12. My box says black napa ballerina no style number...I got mine from Neiman Marcus Las Vegas earlier this year.

    For this season Louboutin has the same flat but with a gold or black cap toe/hardware and one with graffiti..

    the prices for those are more than what I paid for my plain black ones ($495)

    There is also a version Barneys has that has a strap and is a maryjane-

    Net-A-Porter has the plain ones in gray & gold-

    Barneys has the gold ones too-

  13. sammiekat, thank you so much for posting all those pics and taking the time to inform me. I really appreciate it.


  14. ^^^ No problem! Hope you find the perfect flats!;)
  15. I am obsessed with Tod's.