the perfect bag

  1. I need a bag for winter.
    The perfect bag for me in spring/summer is the baggy denim GM.
    It can hold everything, , I have always with me my shawl, cell, wallet, cosmetics, and today for example I bought 2 books and at the grocery 1 coke, apples and meat for hamburger.
    Well, I went home with the hands in my pockets 'cause everything took place in my Linus'-rug-bag.:yes:

    I need something like this in winter, but to be used also with the rain... in bad weather... I really love monogram canvas, but what model?
    I need also a bag with pockets...

    And please...:shame: I'm learning your language, so tell my grammar&co. errors...
    thanks a lot!
  2. What about the Manhattan GM?

  3. If you are using it in the rain, the Damier line may be better than Mono. :smile:

    What about the Uzes or the Marais (the Damier bucket bag)?
  4. I agree with PurseSally, damier will be better for the rainy days. You should take a look at the Saleya, they come in 3 sizes
  5. yeah damier will be much better for winter and rainy days.
  6. with mono canvas,you have to remember that one of its vachetta's worst enemy is water(rain)
  7. I vote Cabas Piano. I have the Denim Baggy GM and couldn't agree more! I just swapped out of that into the CP and love it too!! Good luck!
  8. again..i vote for damier...maybe saleya mm or gm depending on your size...or damier marais if u want a slightly smaller one...

    oh...btw, u're learning the language really well! u're doing really well!
  9. how about the Damier Illovo MM? very roomy!
  10. Monogram petit noe! Awesome bag, I just purchased a used one a great price. Its going to be my alternative to my mono piano for bad weather.
  11. Mmm.
    I prefer moogram canvas... but I don't like Manhattan...
  12. I hear you on the wonderfulness that is the denim baggy bags. :love: This mono Hudson GM bag reminds me a lot of them:
    The BH might also work, or a bucket?
  13. chelsea...better to use damier in the rain/snow than vachetta to worry about.
  14. Thank you...
    Steph... we have not only the name in common!!!;) I LOVE LV DENIM!!!:love:

    I find the 2 bags yow put wonderful!
    The bucket does nothave a zip, and I prefer it 'cause I feel more "sure" (I mean here there are a lot of thieves that put their hands in our bags to stole wallets.:death: )
  15. My vote is for epi noe!:graucho: