The "perfect" bag?

  1. I've been searching for the "perfect" bag for months now, and can't make up my mind. Do you have any suggestions? Here's what I'm looking for (in order of importance):

    -*soft*, supple, yet durable leather
    -will be in style for years
    -has at least 1 interior pocket
    -easy open/close
    -can be worn for casual or dressy occasions
    -can be carried on the shoulder or on the arm
    -looks great both when carrying lots and when nearly empty
    -is *not* something everyone else has

    I've looked at Tod's, Balenciaga, Thickskin, Lauren Merkin, Goldenbleu, and more.

    Budget: $1000 (but hope to spend a lot less)

  2. theres no such thing as the perfect bag IMO. just when I think I've found it, another one rears up its beautiful head.
  3. you've looked at balenciaga. does that mean it's not one of your options? cause i think maybe the first in black would be a good's light, can be used day/evening, can be carried on arm&shoulder, is under $1000. however, quite a lot of people have this bag.
  4. chanel i think is something u can consider.. :smile:
  5. I am hoping my Chloe Betty, I just ordered that a few days ago, I will get back with you when I get it. It is Medium, Raisin color, at NM. my all time
  6. I've been researching Ferragamo bags a lot lately (and recently just ordered my first one from But what about the Ferragamo Marisa? It's attributes are:

    1) it is light, has fantastic leather (you can buy it in kidskin or pebbled goatskin)
    2) looks great when you carry a lot of a little.
    3) Not a lot of people have it but it is very recognizable. Other handbag lovers will be able to identify the bag immediately! It is becoming more popular now that SJP was seen carrying it in the movie "Failure to Launch".
    4) It is Ferragamo's signature bag and is timeless and classy so you won't have to worry about it going out of style.
    5) You can dress it up or dress it down.
    6) It's medium sized - not too big and bulky and not too small or "evening" baggish. It is a great everyday bag.
    7) The price range varies from $990 (the regular Marisa) to $1150 (the chain linked Marisa) to $1190 (the large Marisa).
    8) It comes in black as well as other colors.

    I've attached some photos for you to see. I know some other PF'ers have this style and they love it! I even think one PF'er has this beautiful bag in Ostrich (drools). I hope this helps!

    Photo 1: Chain Marisa in Magnolia
    Photo 2: Chain Marisa in Berry
    Photo 3: Large Marisa in Black
    Photo 4: Large Marisa in Black
    Photo 5: Large Marisa in Black
    Photo 6: Regular (medium) Marisa in Black
    ferra.jpg burberry.JPG larger marisa.jpg marisa in black.jpg largemarisa.jpg medium size.jpg
  7. As I was reading your list the Ferragamo Marissa bag came to my mind too! Lordguinny beat me to it! I have one in black and I totally agree with Lordguinny's notes. She explained it perfectly. That IS the bag you are looking for. Here are some pics of me with mine to show you how it looks on the should and carried as a satchel. I've also included a pic of the interior. It's really a fabulous bag!


  8. I was reading your description and honestly, balenciaga first or city comes to mind. That bag is truely classic and very beautiful. Although depending on which area of the country, you may see alot of people using it.
    There is a color called Ink, it's not black black, but changes color depending on lighting, in bright light, it's purplish blue, low light, it's blackish, u may like that one!!

    Looks great with dressy clothes, for work, or with jeans!
  9. Wow, thanks everyone. This is really helpful.

    I used to have several Balenciaga bags but sold them, and now am reconsidering; I hesitate though because, when I travel, I see them everywhere. Still considering, though.

    I'll definitely look into the other bags, too. The photos of the ferragamo bags are helpful -- I'm pretty small and can be overwhelmed by big bags, so it's helpful to know what they look like on someone else.

    So nice to get opinions from someone other than my boyfriend!
  10. Kat,

    Your Marisa is soooooo cute. I keep coming back to that photo to see how the black looks. I would have snatched up the black (it was between the black or cream for me) so I bought the chain Marisa to get the best of both worlds (I can wear black outfits with it becuase the chain is black).

    What do you think about the chain Marisa not having the signature hardware though? I was hoping it would come with it but it doesn't! I actually think Ferragamo will make its big breakthrough to the mainstream handbag scene too. I have been seeing them in the 'zines a lot and on stars...(attached is a photo of Jessica Alba with the crocheted large Marisa). Although I could give a crapola about whether or not a start carries a handbag you know the popularity of that handbag will burst once they start appearing in tabloids. Ferragamo also raised their price this year by a significant amount (as much as 30%)!

    Anyhow, Kat, you and I can be the official Ferragamo "pushers". hehe. :wlae:
  11. your description kinda describing balenciaga bags :P
    i vote for this bag in city or first, depends on your budget & things you fill up in the bag!
  12. I would say Balenciaga as well! They are beautiful & functional!
  13. I don't mind that the chain Marissa doesn't have the signature hardware. IMO it's an "edgier" version of the classic Marissa. I do happen to love the signature hardware though. I can't wait to see pics of your bag! I haven't seen the chain version IRL. SJP was wearing a Marissa bag in Failure to Launch. That gave the bag some hype. There is a PF member who has a Marissa in the mustard yellow ostrich. It is absolutely stunning!:love: I haven't noticed the price increase. I'm glad I got mine when I did. I'll be a Ferragamo "pusher" with you anytime.:P