The "perfect bag"

  1. So everyone has their idea of the "perfect" tokidoki bag. The perfect style in the print you want with perfect placement. Would you pay over retail to get it? How much over retail? (remember.. it's **perfect**)

    And what is it?

    Or do you already have it????

    Right now for me it's an original print in a small bag. Either Bella, Ciao, Bambinone, Denaro, maybe Canguro (just not sure how practical that one is). I haven't decided if I'm willing to pay over retail yet or not.
  2. I think I already have perfect bags, in my eyes. Well, my inferno needs a watermelon guy, but my pirata and ciao ciao are A+. And I paid a lot for the ciao ciao...

    So, I am going to come up with a fantasy toki: it would be space themed, with a midnight blue background. The trim would be that awesome sparkly stuff the fafi bags have. And it would be a zucca so the print wouldn't be very broken up. But if that print existed, I'd also have to get a dolce. And I would pay even if they jacked up the price!
  3. i'm very picky about print placement. Most of my bags are my perfect print placement. I'm willing to pay over retail if its *perfect* and its hard-to-find older prints. But not as high as cozy-little-shop prices tho, maybe up to $20 over retail.
  4. all of my bags are my perfect print...though i've learned when i find my perfect print, NEVER to let it go..cuz then its such a hassle to find it again..i learned with with dolce pirata AND inferno...cuz when i realized what i've done, i go kind of crazy n buy a bunch of bags in order to cope with my loss..then i eventually find it lolz..i would never pay over retail though..
  5. All of my bags have the perfect print placement. On my pirata, I lucked out since I bought it from the LeSportsac site. I prefer to do online shopping since I live in the Bay Area, and the idea of paying toll (possibly twice) is more than paying for shipping. I was so glad when I got the pirata that it had a lot of the ocean scene on it and the two purple-haired girls.
    I've only paid over retail once and that was with a playground stellina. It was worth it though because it had Sandy right in the front! It was also my first Tokidoki. My friend so it to me since she got a cucciolo instead. I got it for $170. :shame: It's okay though, I was just happy to finally have a Tokidoki (I've been :drool: over Tokidoki for a long time because before I couldn't afford one).
    I don't mind paying over retail if the print is hard to find and it's the perfect print placement.
  6. i think the only bag i consider "perfect" was my mamma mia foresta! i really worked hard for that one especially translating the japanese website so i can register and buy the bag!! talk about :nuts: im NEVER letting that bag go!:graucho: the rest of the bags i got are just ok...:biggrin: i paid pretty much over the retail price ...i have no choice our Lesportsac store jack up the prices like Hawaii :sad:
  7. vmasterz, you know a site that will ship from Japan?? They have such cute stuff on their mail order sites but I can never find one that will ship to the US.

    Anyways, I have one bag and it's a good print placement. It's a scuola so I kind of got a lot of the print but I wouldn't pay over the retail value for the price. I'm kind of lenient when it comes to chracters in certain prints. Like in the amore, there is no certain character I'd have to have.
  8. I would pay more than retail for my perfect perfect placement. I have my perfect placement on some of my bags and they are priceless:nuts:
  9. nope, sorry..the owner from site i ordered was from LA...she created the site to cater to her hometown Japan, thats why it was all in Japanese.
  10. i have my gioco foresta covered in koi prints - including the one drawn by simone :heart: . that's *my* perfect bag...

    I want a pirata denaro with only mermaids & a citta rosa ciao ciao or gioco but the popcorn person has to be visible! ooo and the blimp! :biggrin:

    I really wish they still made the bella bella tho. I just sold one on eBay & if i didn't already have a playground print, I wouldn't have put it up. Maybe I'd get the original print in a bella bella, if I can find one again. Stupid me saw them on sale in Lord & Taylor last June for like, $80! AND I had a 15% off coupon at home. But I decided to pass because I didn't like it then... :cursing: and NOW I DO! :sad:
  11. if it was an original print w/the perfect placement, and the right style, I would DEFINITELY pay over retail for it. :p
  12. i might spend some extra $$$ to get a perfect bag, but if I pass this time, I might never be able to find it again (especially for tokidoki, u all know how hard it is to find your perfect placement for older prints). So i think its worth it.
  13. Oh yeah, that reminds me...if there was a dolce out there with just the water on it...that would be soooooo cool.
  14. I think the perfect tokidoki bag for me would be one that someone gave to me as a present!:love:
  15. yeah that would be soo sweet :biggrin: