The PERFECT BAG!!!...My PCE Purchase...I came home with:

  1. The Turquoise Ergo Leather Tote and coordinating Wristlet!!!!!! :yahoo:
    It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool:Totally TDF!!!
    The large was just Gi-normous. This tote LOOKS pretty small but it holds a TON. Plus, I get the best of everything: a great style of bag; doesn't look huge; holds a TON; isn't heavy AT ALL; gorgeous neutral color; LEGACY STRIPED LINING!!!!!!!! :drool: I am SOOOOOO IN HEAVEN right now!!!
    I had to go to 2 different boutique stores. After I decided to purchase the tote MY boutique told me the only one they had left was the floor model. I asked them to call the other boutique in town. They said they had 4 of them and would set one aside for me. I went ahead and paid for the tote and wristlet THERE (they had to order the wristlet because neither store had any left). So...I set out for the other boutique to pick up my tote (I REALLY wanted to walk out with a nice, big Coach bag today instead of ordering). I got to the other boutique and told them what I was there to pick up. They said they didn't know about it and that the only one THEY had was the floor model too. :confused1: I said the other store had called to ensure they had a NEW one. That's the only reason I drove ALL the way out there! Luckily, they ended up finding one in the back. PLUS...I found ONE of the turquoise Ergo Wristlets, too!! YAHOO!!! :tup:
    Well, I don't know what to do now because 1) I am completely in LOVE with this Tote. 2)I do NOT want to wait a week to get one in. But....when I got home and got my Tote out for the first time I noticed a pretty (not-so) nice sized scratch down the front of the bag :crybaby:I took a picture of it for y'all to see., either I live with the scratch on my BRAND NEW leather tote or I wait a whole WEEK to get one in after ordering it. I did buy the leather moisturizer which the SA SAID will buff out scratches. WHAT SHOULD I DO??????
    IMG_2088.JPG IMG_2084.JPG IMG_2085.JPG IMG_2086.JPG IMG_2082.JPG
  2. Gorgeous bag! And I love the matching wristlet.

    As far as the scratch goes, as long as that leather is ok with the moisturizer, I'd give it a go and if the scratch doesn't come out, return it and wait for the new one to arrive.
  3. Congrats! Lol. I see you posted this after I posted saying I liked the hobo. Just glad you're happy. :biggrin:
  4. Congrats! I have the ergo leather hobo in camel, and I had a scratch on it when I bought it too. I used the leather moisturizer, and it buffed it right out. I was amazed since that was the first time I tried using it. It worked really well on that leather, so you should definately try it. :smile: Good luck! :tup:
  5. I agree with the others. Try the moisturizer and if it doesn't work then exchange it.

    Congratulations on an excellent choice!
  6. i bought that bag too.. it is way cute but the leather seems like it may scratch easily so i may take it back. impulsive purchases we make...
  7. I know exactly what you are feeling right now….when you have a new bag that’s not quite right, you cannot really be satisfied with the purchase...I would try the moisturizer because it does wonders with Coach bags of all ages! However, after the first attempt with no luck, I would take it back...Imagine how you'll feel 6 months from now, looking down at the scratch and knowing that you could have done something about it!!! Not an issue of world peace or anything but you want to get what you paid for!!! Good Luck!!!!

  8. I am considering buying a bag from this line in the camel or the turquoise and it appears that the leather scratches easily...would this assessment be accurate???
  9. I'd return it to get one without scratches. It's an adorable bag, and you deserve a flawless one.
  10. Lovely!
    i definitely think you should wait the week and get another. i mean, what's a week when you'll have the bag of your dreams for the rest of your life- scratch free!

    you totally are making me regret not buying that wristlet today!
  11. Wow, that bag is stunning. I didn't realize how much I liked it until I saw you modeling it. Now I think I need it.
  12. These bag are LOVELY in all colors, but they do scratch very easily. I pondered over the purchase of ergo leather for many weeks until I saw how my SA's turquoise medium hobo held up after about a month. There are quite a few scratches on it, some of which WILL NOT come out even after the moisturizer. Im not trying to dissuade you from buying or keeping the bag, this is just what I have noticed.
  13. It is a beautiful bag! That turquoise is TDF! I'd return it though for one with no scratches, a week isn't that bad to wait and for the price you should be the one to put the first scratch on it. Had to edit...I read in another thread that you got the scratch out! Now, enjoy that stunning bag!!
  14. GORGEOUS!!! that turquoise is totally growing on me!

    good choice!
  15. that bag looks perfect on you!
    congrats and i'm glad you got the scratch out!