The perfect bag for a black leather jacket

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just got a Mike and Chris black leather jacket, and I'm searching for the perfect bag to carry with it. I sometimes carry my Damier Speedy 30 with it, but I'm looking for something that goes more with black -- even a random color would be better. Any suggestions?

    Looking forward to your responses!:biggrin:
  2. Seen Alexander McQueen's new stuff for fall?

    I'll try to find pics
  3. I second Alexander McQueen! Maybe the black or bright pink bow-shaped clutch? Or the clutch with a glove on it?

    Hmm, or maybe something Rebecca Minkoff. Or would that be overkill?
  4. I love the yellow flapper -- but I haven't seen it in person. Is McQueen leather soft like balenciaga or more durable and structured?

    Speaking of balenciaga ... would it be too man-ish to pair the leather jacket with a balenciaga part time or twiggy? Do I need something that has a more feminine silhouette?

  5. ITA most Balenciaga bags would also fit the bill wonderfully
  6. the link is just taking me to saks main page.. whats the name of the one you suggest?

  7. sorry somethin wrong there

    Alexander McQueen
    Faithful Leather Glove Clutch
  8. OK this is the one I meant

    found it today in Libertys

    Alexander McQueen
    Faithful Leather Tote.

    Nice and light too.
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  10. Agree with Papertiger--most Balenciagas would be perfect!
  11. I like fine chain shoulder straps against leather, something like Chanel or Chloe.
    I guess I like the look of contrasting textures against the leather as an alternative to color contrast.
  12. thank you guys so much for your wonderful suggestions!! i'll be sure to let you know what i end up getting!
  13. A gorgeous alma mm in verins! A bright color!
  14. OK I thought of another still going with the flow (or should I say Brrroom Brroom)

    If you can hold of one ( netaporter or Collete sites still has them) Alexander Wang COCO duffle bag?