The perfect bag for a Bal newbie??:)

  1. Hello everyone! I'm so excited to have just joined The Purse Forum- my obsessive fashion tendencies have now been validated!!:smile: Anyway, I've recently become addicted to Balenciaga bags, and I'm torn. My first purchase was a lovely ring bag- one I haven't seen anywhere else since I found mine on eBay. However, when I got it, it was huge and so incredibly heavy I nearly tipped over. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it. So then I went in the complete oppposite direction and got a fall 06 greige box that I love! I also found a perfect black toilet that matches the box nicely.

    Now, my next purchase is what I need help with. I'm thinking of a first or a city, but I'm worried that the city might be too big. And then there's the color problem- there are so many fantastic colors, my head is spinning!! Is it more practical to go with black or brown so I'd be inclined to carry it more often, or is there a color you guys think is particularly versatile? I do have a pretty conservative job, so I don't think something like apple green would be appropriate... I have my eyes on an emerald city, but I just don't know... When you guys started your collections, did you go practical, or did you go for the fun colors??
  2. Hi and welcome! You already sound like you have some yummy Balenciaga bags.

    I would say since you already have a neutral greige box and a ring bag I'd go with a color that will work with your wardrobe.

    The emerald city sounds nice, it's a lovely color and somewhat bigger than the first, and holds a little more than your box.

    Have you seen the color swatches for this season?

    And next season:

    Maybe a dark blue or burgandy would be nice.
  3. I stayed away from black for my first 6 bags, because color is what Balenciaga is all about. Only now do I feel I'm ready for black. But other posters rave about starting out with black because it's so classic. And I don't think the City is too big anymore. Once it breaks in it's a great size. However, if you're going to use the bag mostly in the evening, the First is perfect.

    Welcome to the club! Decisions, decisions, decisions!
  4. Go for the city first. I think it really is the perfect size for most anyone.
  5. WELCOME! Congrats on your Greige Box! I love that color and style! I don't think the City is too big but it IS bigger than your Box for sure. Check out like RDC suggested and that will help you find what you want. Good Luck and let us know what you get!
  6. I have a first & I looove it. It's a great size.

    I just ordered a city - b/c i want something i can throw a sweater into, but I'm worried it'll be too big too... however, a first is smaller than your box.. would that be too small for you?

    I'm not really helping lol, but I do think an Emerald City would be beautiful :yes:
  7. Welcome! An emerald bag would be beautiful and very wearable. The city is the classic Balenciaga style, but I also love the first. A city will hold more than your box, a first much less. Are you looking for a bag for everyday use, or a special occasion/evening bag? City for everyday, first for special occasion/evening. Good luck!
  8. welcome!!! i'd say go for something colorful .... i really agree with highglossfinish...

    even though personally i prefer black and other neutral colors :smile:
  9. I first did the, first in vermillon (red) and exchanged it for the rouille (rust) city. I am so happy with my decision all around. I'd do the city for sure.
  10. Hhmmm..I'd say a City for sure. But no one mentioned a Twiggy? I love the Twiggys soooo much. So much yet so understated and not too overwhelming, no?:wlae:
  11. balenciaga has a lot of beautiful muted colours that would work well in a conservative work environment...besides emerald, i think anthracite, grenat, or sandstone would be fab choices. sandstone is more of a neutral but no doubt beautiful, and according to people here will draw loads of compliments (i want one myself!!)! it may seem too close to greige for you but it's worth looking at, IMO. the truffle is also quite rich looking for an 'ordinary' colour. yum.

    i can't help in terms of whether to get a city or first because i don't know how much you carry on a regular may as well use that as a guide.

    good luck! :smile::smile:
  12. Definitely consider a twiggy! This is beoming my favorite bbag style! :yes:
  13. Wow, thanks everyone for your input!! I'll take all the help I can get!:smile: So, I didn't realize that a first is actually smaller than a box- I thought it would be a bit bigger. That probably makes my decision easier then, because I have stuffed my box! (that sounded terribly suggestive- sorry!) Maybe I will look into a city then. And about the twiggy- I can't get a good feel for the size. Is a twiggy similar width to the box but longer?
  14. And I just checked out the color swatches, and anthracite seems so pretty! Grenat also looks like it would go with a lot of the neutral suits I wear. Now I want them all!:smile: I can see how all of your collections grow...

    So now I need some honesty- what do you guys think of the ring bag? I should try to post a picture of it. It is sooo different than all the other styles, but it's very structured and professional looking. Is that just the opposite of what you guys look for in a bbag? And it's just so heavy...