the Perfect bag comes in extraordinary circumstance - large Ebano Belly Veneta

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  1. #1 Oct 8, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2010
    I have always trying find a reason to support my purchase, something like celebrating birthday, enjoy mother's day, have fun on oversea trips...etc etc BUT nothing n-o-t-h-i-n-g ever like this time.:-s

    One month ago, my city suffered from a major earthquake apart from lots cracking on the houses and roads, most of the chimney shifted, lost of power and water from hours to days, everything you can think of, fortunately no one died because of it.

    I was standning in front of my closet between tremors and trying to decide what to take with me on that particular early early morning. I looked at my balenciagas...bvs...and goyard. WHICH ONE?! I can only take one and get out of the house in case of it got collapsed.:wondering

    I had to take my GM Goyard because it can hold tons (trying to put clothes, snacks, and necessary documents in a hurry). I went back to the house to grab another bag with essential stuff in later, that time I took the Balenciaga Part Time because of the big compartment. However, my heart was aching...with sorrow that the Large Veneta probably wont be able to hold what I need at that point, and the Sloane although with bigger room but its not easy to access at the time of urgency.:cry:

    Funny enough I was thinking of getting myself a smaller bag (before earthquake) since my son has grown up a bit and able to carry stuff himself...something like medium belly or medium veneta or a montaigne. BUT the earthquake put me back to the big bag person/lover again.:shrugs:

    I told myself that I am going to save up after the earthquake happened. In fact, I realise and truly understand in situation like this I can not take what I often treasure with me apart from my darling son. THEN I discover the email after the power came available that there are several bags available and in different colours. Do I pass this time or should I get it before I regret again?:thinking:

    When I visited HK earlier this year, I tried the Medium Orchid Belly...its such a stunning colour and perfect bag for spring/summer however...I was looking for a montaigne. I passed the very same bag Orchid Belly again the 2nd time when I in transit in Taipei. Again I was very focus on a montaigne in classic colour but get myself a large cosmetic bag in ebano instead.:love:

    I have to have it then after reading the email again and again...since I pass it for so many time for the same reason. I regret to miss it out on the bonanzle as well. So lets it be my one last BV buy before I win a lotto. I will carry this beauty next time when I gonna be in need?? truly holds tons cuz there are still lots tremors....

    So HERE IT IS, the Large Ebano Belly Veneta

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  2. What bothers me in this combination is...the ebano belly does not have the golden zip like the cosmetic bag! I just love the combo of brown + gold and will not get tired of staring at it.

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  3. I have also got my sweet son to model for me, with his favourite thomas the tank engine top on.

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  4. And this is my small collection of BVs
    Large Matita Veneta (came by accident)
    Gladiola Sloane (came by surprise)
    Large Ebano Cosmetic Bag (came by NEED to have it)
    Large Ebano Belly Veneta (came by seriously need one)

    I would like to mention that Erica is such a lovely person to work with, she remembers my preference and email me when she first got them! although I was asking for a Ink, I decided to go with a classic Ebano later....

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  5. Congrats on your large ebano belly- it's gorgeous! And your son is adorable!

    Love your BV collection.

    So sorry to hear about the earthquake. Hope everything's alright now. Take care!
  6. Your belly bag is really cute and so is the son. :P
  7. Congrats on your latest BV acquisition, nzclaire! I remember your son from your previous reveal where I called him wearing a LMD (Little Matita dress) with your Veneta. Still one of the cuter BV + baby photos I've seen to-date! Gosh, he looks so much bigger now. (has it been that long?)

    Weather looks lovely... I'm sure you checked the grass before you laid your precious woven loot down. :P
  8. Great collection! So glad you were able to be safe with all the tremors. Your son is adorable!

    Enjoy you belly bag! The color is so lush!
  9. What a gorgeous collection, nzclaire. Those colors are so beautiful! :love: Congratulations!
  10. Amazing!
  11. yum, the ebano large belly veneta is #1 on my wishlist i think - yours is gorgeous!!
  12. sorry about what happened to you, but beautiful bag!
  13. Beautiful bags and adorable son! The Belly Veneta is a wonderful bag.

    I don't live in an area that has large earthquakes--I imagine it would be a very frightening experience. I'm glad you are ok.
  14. Beautiful bag! Your son is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing. ;)
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    Last edited: Oct 8, 2010
    Hi Claire! Congratulations on your Ebano Belly. I also have that bag and wore it for months before switching out. It seems perfect! So sorry about the quake. It is impressive that no one died, a testament to decent building codes. I live in the "Ring of Fire" too, and people are always predicting that the big one is coming soon.