The Perfect Bag, Attainable or Not?

  1. Is there a handbag that can satisfy all your needs, look spectacular & remain in fashion for more than one season?

    OK, I'm reaching for the impossible dream, but has there ever been a bag that came close for you?

    I usually spend at least a couple of thousand per season on bags & would like to buy just one that will meet all my desires...I'm leaning toward the classic designs..ones that won't go out of style, but under investment that I will love forever, any ideas, opinions on your perfect bag or pics welcome!
  2. I am sure it can be done. I will search and get back to this thread in a little while.
  3. For me it finally happened. This is a bag I have dreamed of having for about 2-3 years now. Its by Bottega Veneta and is no longer made. I actually got totally lucky and now my dream has come true!!! I will be receiving it in the next few days. WOOOOOHOOOOOO!

  4. Oh, gosh that IS Gorgeous!! Now that's what I'm talking about:tup:

  5. Thanks! Im totally excited about it!!:yahoo:
  6. For me it Bottega Veneta, too. Their bags are made of exceptional leather and craftmanship. They don't go out of fashion as even the more seasonal bags have a very classic touch to it. A BV can be carried for years and still look perfect.
  7. My perfect bag is my black Balenciaga city. She travels well, goes with almost all my outfits, and is the perfect size for my lifestyle. I love her! :heart:
  8. For satisfying your needs, that depends on your personality.

    The other questions I would say yes to.
  9. If anyone has found their perfect bag, they probably wouldn't be a member of this forum anymore! :p
  10. In that price range I would say just a classic brown or black bag. By who is the question, all depends on your needs.

    I would say off the top of my head I would pick a black B-bag, perhaps a black YSL bag,
    Again it would all depend on needs.

    If money wasnt the issue i'd go with 30 cm black birkin, I think its a bag that would take you from work to casual and go with everything. :smile:
  11. Hmm, it would be possible if shopping itself weren't one of my needs!
  12. Congrats, I love that bag too! Where did you manage to find it? It's completely sold out everywhere! Pls post pics of it once you get it :drool:

  13. Truer words have never been spoken. :yes:
  14. Well, I've settled on black being the most versatile color. Leather def. Since Kimmie got that beautiful Bottega Veneta (which I LOVE, btw) I guess that's out.

    But I've wanted a quilted black bag you think these will go out of style?

    How bout this Versace?


    It's on Bluefly for $1380, which is a bit of a deal.
  15. I am sure someone can do it...I just haven't reached that point yet. To me though the perfect bag is whatever you make of it. I have a favorite...but not the absolute perfect bag..

    someday (but for now I am enjoying all kinds!) :yes: