The Perfect Alternative!

  1. The perfect alternative to a COACH small goods dustbag: a Crown Royal bag! :P


    Both my double pocket wristlets dont fit into their dustbags theyre too big for them and that always annoyed me, but tonight I found like 5 of these Crown Royal bags and theyre the perfect fit!

    Thanks Crown Royal ;]
  2. HAHA! Nice! I used to store my Gelly-Roll pens in a Crown Royal bag - never thought of using them for accessories! Awesome idea!!!
  3. hehe, I throw ALL of my small leather goodies in my sock drawer. Don't ask me why, it makes no sense. But, somehow it just seems "right". I guess that stems from watching my mom put odds and ends in her sock drawer and me always being amazed by the cool stuff she pulled outta there lol :smile:
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. I've got Elfa drawer units from The Container Store...and I have three drawers devoted to my coach collection. To large ones for all the bags, and a small one for all the accessories and small goods.
  6. My mom used to work for them and we had tons of those bags. I wish I had kept a few!!!! Great idea!!!
  7. :lol: The Crown Royal bag for a variety of reminds me of what a comedian once said about putting a bit of everything in a crown royal bag.

    I hadn't thought of them as dustbags but hey! It seems to work! :P
  8. i grew up using a crown royal bag for scrabble tiles

    idk if i could ever use them as a dust bag

    but that is an awesome idea
  9. lol Hey some ladies use pillowcases, why not Crown Royal bags? Itd be a good excuse to go out and buy some ;] Drunken pleasure and afterwards accessory protection, lol!
  10. LOL, I used to use the Crown Royal bag as a handbag when I was a little girl (c. 1970). They were probably made of real velvet back then!
  11. ^ I wish they still were :sad: