The people at Bluefly are idiots!

  1. Okay. So, last week I saw a pair of Zanottis that were TDF. According to Bluefly's site, the pair were the last available and happened to be my size (38.5) :yahoo: so I took it. I paid for 2-3 days priority and couldn't wait to receive them. I got them on Monday and when opened the box there were 2-right foot Zannotis in the box. I was pissed!! I also discovered that one was a 38.5 and the other a 39. Wait a minute! I thought I ordered the last one they had available, the 38.5... I call Bluefly and I tell them my situation and they say that they were going to search for the other 38.5 and send it to me:wtf: . The next day, I call Bluefly to tell them to not worry about searching for the other foot because I was returning the shoes back to them. No problem. I get an email this morning saying that it was already shipped out via overnight delivery so I had to return the shoes back to them upon receipt. Well, I got the "corrected" pair this evening. Size 38:wtf: . They are such idiots! I'm mailing that sh:censor: t back to them in the morning.
  2. wtf. are you kidding me? did the bluefly people go on vacay and leave their elementary children to do the work for them?

    ive heard so many bad stories about bluefly.. totally staying away from them.
  3. boy the $hit list just grows w/ them doesn't it!?
    They stink!
  4. so sorry to hear about your awful bluefly experience. i haven't had any trouble with them, but have only ordered dresses or other clothing items. who knew they couldn't put a proper pair of shoes together?! definitely send them all three different shoes back. that's just crazy!
  5. omg...i have now decided - no more bluefly!!!!!
  6. What?? You didn't actually want a pair that fit your feet, did you? That is so frustrating! After the whole b-bag thing, I'm pretty much done with bluefly. How annoying. I hope it all works out for you!
  7. I mean, its just so unprofessional. How can you screw up twice?
  8. Thanks for the post. I was just about to place an order, too.
  9. I must be the only lucky one here as far as Bluefly goes. I've never had any problems with them. The only complaint I had with them was how they charge for shipping to you and if something doesn't fit, you are out that shipping charge plus the return shipping charge when you send it back. As I said to the rep, "why should I have to pay $16 for the luxury of trying on something to see if it fits?" They gave me a shipping credit to my account and I notice they have also responded to the "please put ARS return stickers in your invoices!" request I made as well.

    Now if they could only get on the Zappos bandwagon with free shipping both ways, I'd be a happy camper.:shrugs:
  10. Nothing surprises me
  11. Oh that sucks!

    I have ordered from them a few times and have not had any problems. I have however heard horror stories of fake bags about them.

    It makes me wary of purchasing from them for sure.
  12. lol....You don't have to say....We ALL know that they are idiots.