The Pelham bag with the braided handles...where to get for cheap?

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  1. Hi ladies. I'm thinking of getting the small pelham bag with the dark brown braided handles. Does this bag ever go on sale, or does anyone know where I could get one for below retail? Ugh, I just hate to pay retail.:crybaby:
  2. Because this is one of Gucci's most popular bags it never goes on sale.

    I would suggest eBay but I don't trust eBay. WAY to many fakes!!!

    If you want to make sure the bag is real I hate to say it but I think you will have to pay retail for it. As sad as that is.

    Good Luck it is such a great bag.

  3. Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate it. It looks like I will have to pay retail since I am totally lusting over that bag....amongst other things :smile:
  4. yup.. This bag is totally widely faked. I have it in white in the small and I love it. Retail at a boutique or department store is the obvious sure bet.

    You could try and find one on Ebay but I think it would be best to try to find a used one.. Someone on ebay trying to sell brand new for less than retail, I don't really trust. If you decide to go the Ebay route, check the Share Your Authenticity Knowledge thread for some tips. If you think you might have a good one, post it in the Authentication thread, to get other's opinions. I think most try to fake the Medium Size more so than the small so at least you have that going for you. Good Luck with your decision.
  5. I agree - I've been searching for deals on the small pelham in brown guccisima leather for a few months. Everywhere I look, it's retail price. Currently the US has the best price as its much more expensive in Europe, Hong Kong and Canada. Good luck!
  6. ^ yea, u can't get the braided pelham for lower than friend just bought one..the same day i cheated on LV!
  7. The pelham is definitely a classic! It will never go on sale.. I too love it lots but guess that the retail price is just too much to pay for a piece of fabric... :sad: hope you can find yours soon..
  8. It's such a nice bag...worth it to pay retail so you know it's authentic.
  9. Unfortunately Pelhams never come cheap, and unfortunately, that's why a lot of the Pelhams I see here in Hong Kong are fake. If you get lucky you might find a real one on Ebay, but there are too many fakes out there. If you really want it, I say save up and buy it! Good luck!