The pattern of the sides does not match up completely

  1. Hi,

    I just bought my Cabas piano at a LV store this weekend. on one side, the patterns do not completely match up (off a little bit), on the other side, they matches completely. I just read some posts about faking LVs and wonder whether I should go for an exchange. It bothers me a bit. Wonder how exactly should the pattern match up at the sides?

  2. Do you mean the 2 pieces are not aligned properly?
  3. if youre not happy with it you shoudl exchange it! you paid alot for that bag and you should be happy.
  4. Exactly and if you already noticed it, its going to continually bug you.
  5. That's how I am, once I notice something like that it just bugs me until I do something about it or lose love for the bag and put it away. :oh:
  6. Yea, you should bring it back and exchange it. Voice your concern with the SA who helped you and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to assist you
  7. Thanks. I thought I was a little paranoid... On one side it is just off by 2-3mm. It did not bother me at the begginning until I read some post about fake bags and not sure how demanding I should be regarding the sides completely line up... If I heard it is ok within the normal, I might feel better. If not, I will go for an exchange...

  8. You should go and exchange it if it bothers you! I've noticed that over the years, the quality of alignment has deteriorated. I read on another forum that a SA even told the customer that they don't bother that much with alignment anymore. Hard to believe..
  9. I have had 2 Cabas Mezzos & with both of them, the little "flowers" at the seam on the sides didn't match up exactly. Sounds like that is the same problem with the Piano.
  10. Definitely return it for another. It will always bother you! I had a Damier Pap30 for a short time and one end was not perfectly lined up and, had I decided to keep it, I would have gone back for another. It was off such a TINY amount, but I noticed it!
  11. My Ellipse is not perfectly even going up the center. Initially it bothered me a little, but now I feel like it adds character. :nuts:
  12. Mine doesn't either!!! Do you have the PM or MM? Where was it made?
  13. I have the PM. Made in the good ole' US of A.