The patina mystery *mwahaha*

  1. So I was just thinking... when I bought my first LV I knew about the patina process because a friend of mine had a speedy 25. But I'm wondering how I would've reacted if I never heard about it, if I never came to this forum, and my bag just started changing colors. Were any of you in this situation with your first LV? Did you freak out? Just curious because if you've never heard of it then it's a pretty weird occurance.
  2. Nope, my first LV already had a patina when I received it :smile: I did learn about the patina process from TPF though.
  3. The patina process also happens with Dooney and Bourke products. I remember once, at work, this woman was carrying a D&B white barrel bag that had obviously been well-loved and she and I were talking about the brand...well, after awhile she said that her husband was going to buy her a new one because something wrong was happening with the leather. IT WAS MY DUTY to inform her that her bag was fine, it was just going through a normal process.
    She was quite amazed when I was finished with my speech. HAHA!
  4. I only came upon tPF 3 years after I was into LV bags....and I learnt about the patina process the hard way! When I bought my first LV (ellipse pm) from the boutique, I thought wow, all authentic LV's have white leather! Then it started turning honey-colour and I freaked, thinking it was getting dirty and scrubbing it with damp moistened cloth which basically ruined the handles. I ended up giving it away. From then onwards I have only treated my LV's with great caution, knowing that "less it best" and only cleaning with baby wipes occasionally...
  5. Actually, I would have been surprised to walk into the boutique and see bags with such a light vachetta because I always had seen bags with patina on them while I was out and about.
  6. Hmmm interesting. I was clueless about patina when I got my first LV - but I ended up not loving the bag and it sat in my closet. Then I found this place about a year later and got educated so when I got my second bag and used it to death I was already aware of it.
  7. I didnt even notice!
    I only noticed when i joined tpf and got my second bag and was like Woah! Lol
  8. I remember knowing before I even owned LV that authentic bags got darker over time- however I had no ide how or why it worked that way. I can't wait to get my first piece of vachetta :drool:
  9. I always wondered about the different shades of leather. I thought that some bags were just purposely darker than others. That was pre-Dentelle, of course. It would have been shocking if I hadn't been lurking here in TPF. Now it's fascinating to see the vachetta darkens over time.
  10. Hmm, I am trying to remember. My first LV darkened very gradually so it wasn't too shocking, but I certainly learned more when I started to get more LVs.
  11. I was informed on this by the SA every time I bought a bag with vachetta. SO no, no surprise.
  12. Yes, I do believe SAs often inform customers of the process
  13. Yes i knew that it would patina before i bought my first LV
  14. I bought my first LV about 10-11 months ago and it has darkened a little since I got it. But I was educated on caring for it through tPF. At first I didn't want it getting dark (I like my things always looking new). Then I realized I'd rather have patina from me loving it so much & using it versus it being dark from dirt and "abused".:yes:
  15. I use to buy vintage LV back in the dark ages when all the leather was similar in color and texture like the Nomade, just more durable. When LV first started changing the leather to the new vachetta leather I was prepared for the patina. I only accepted the lighter vachetta after the my SA said it was a new process and natural with no chemicals added. Needless to say I love watching it change gradually to the honey tan color than my old dark age day leather treated with too many chemicals.