The (Patina) Champ is Here

Apr 18, 2011
ok ill tell my speedy patina secrets . When you get your new bag put it in the sunlight for 3 days just 1 hour at a time . Turn bag once during the hour . on day 4 take a white cotton sock wet it ....wring it out super good then wipe down all the vachetta evenly Dont Scrub . Then set it on your dresser and let it dry overnight in the morning take a dry sock and polish vachetta softly . now every 3 months wipe down and polish it again. After the first time i wiped it i wore it in the rain :storm: and no water spots at all. The reason you want to do this every 3 months is because you dont want the handle to turn black . That black is just dirt . The handle sould stay my color or a little darker its whole life and never blacken. Also when you wipe the vachetta also wipe the canvas to keep it clean . Not sure if this will work on an older bag that is dirty already .
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Apr 22, 2012
I'd love to know your secrets.

... Also do you know why mine tends to look grey and dirty? I take good care of it but it seems like moisture or sweat (that I don't notice) makes it look grey. I know, EWW. :sad: