The Patchwork Tribute Bags are sold out

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    Those $45,000 bags are a sellout

    By Maria Puente, USA TODAY

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] Enlarge By Chris Moore, Catwalking, via Getty Images [​IMG] Pretty ugly: The Tribute is apatchwork of 15 Vuitton bags.

    That new Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag everyone is blathering about? The one that's supposedly the most expensive bag ever? The one being disparaged from blog to blog as the ugliest bag ever?
    Sold out.
    Yes, some two-dozen special customers of the venerable French line ordered the $45,000 custom-made shoulder bags months ago — and they've all been delivered. No more are being made, and Vuitton doesn't want to talk about them.
    It is not the most expensive bag ever sold: An Hermés Birkin bag of black crocodile with a diamond-covered clasp sold for $64,800 at auction in April 2005.
    No word yet on who would pay the equivalent of a college education for the Vuitton Tribute, a startling-looking bag designed by Marc Jacobs and made up of pieces of 15 Vuitton bags. The British press, never shy about sniping at the French, referred to the bag as "Frankenstein's monster" when it appeared on the runway last fall.
    Now, months later, pictures are turning up on the purse blogs, where bag lovers dish and damn with abandon. Their take was not kind: "An atrocity," declares Kelly Cook of "Ridiculously hideous … the craze for this bag has got to stop."
    But it probably won't, because Vuitton today launches its similarly named Patchwork collection of denim patchwork bags, priced at $3,000-$5,000, says a customer service rep. So maybe this Tribute tizzy is all about … marketing?
    Cook says Jacobs knows what he's doing: "He makes 'editorial' bags that the magazines will talk about and then he can sell the regular bags based on the hype."
    So will the Tribute bag be counterfeited? Anna Van Pragh, a reporter for The Daily Mail in London, had the sly idea of testing it.
    "It took me just four hours and ($222) to buy fake versions of the separate bags," she wrote. "For just ($77), a local seamstress cut them up and sewed them together."
    Her fake fooled plenty, attracting "the admiring glances of curious passersby."
    But "it didn't make me feel rich or special, just a little bit silly."
  2. thanks sonya for the article. i actually think it's an interesting bag although $45K would get me a TON of other LVs instead. but i thought it was funny how the reporter got a seamstress to make one for her out of fakes!
  3. ^ Totally agree - with 45k, I'd have one heck of a wardrobe too :smile:
  4. Cute article, but I hate the part where she gets a fake lol thats so stupid!
  5. I want to know who on earth bought this bag???
  6. I'd like to know that too!
  7. Oh how much little taste...
  8. I'd buy this trash compacted Vuitton if I had the money. There's something oddly attractive about it to me--but not as a bag. Maybe something that teeters on the brink of falling into infamy and history. I'd keep it and charge my friends for taking a look at it. ;)
  9. I don't really like it but I guess if you are in it as a collecter then it would be a good piece to get your hands on.
  10. I would love to see the fake patcwork and compare it. It'd be interesting.
  11. Lucky people to whoever purchased this HOT bag!!! :drool:
  12. The article was interesting. :p
  13. I agree!
  14. It's a gorgeously stunning bag!!! LVoe it!!!!!!!!! Also, I think the main hype about this bag is its "limitness" and NOT its design or price because there are many people who are willing to pay for it as a collector's item (without loving the design), but the question is are you awesome enough to actually get it! lol So imo, I don't understand why people are bringing attention to the bag's price by saying it's the most expensive bag ever made (which is obviously wrong), nor do I understand why people call it a "Frankenbag" (?) which is descriminating against the French. Like I've said before, most people are probably just jealous that they can't get it or can't afford it because if someone gives you this bag for free along with the associated fame and glory that you're one of the "exclusive" people in the world (which is more attracting to me lol), then I think 95% of the people will accept this bag. If you truly don't like this bag, then fine, it's a totally respectable opinion, but there's still no need to make nasty remarks about the bag, the French, or the designers. :yes:
  15. I got a phone call today from the person i know who got theirs :smile: