The patchwork swing pack

  1. I saw a woman today walking around my neighborhood with this-it was so cute!! I liked it so much better in person than in the pictures I have seen. It actually looked a tad bigger than a swing pack-so, maybe it was that other thing-umm-the file pack is it? Either that or it was just filled with a lot of stuff.

    anyway-it was soo nice! And this woman was in her early 30s-so, if she can wear a swing pack-so can I@!
  2. I have a swing-pack and I am 39. I bought it to wear to my son's sporting events. It allows me to carry a purse yet still keep my hands free.
  3. The Patchwork Swing Pack is bigger than the regular one by like an inch or something! Its gorgeous! I want one! UGH before this weekend I needed 60 more to get it, now I need a 100 more!
  4. You can do it REYNALD! Hurry and get it so you can take pictures and I can envy you, lol!
  5. hahha I will get it sooon!
  6. I love the pale purple/beige patchwork swing pack and file bag. They are both so adorably cute!

    Go Reynald!!!
  7. thats the color i looove!
  8. One of my coworkers has the patchwork swing pack. It looks really cute on her! It fits a lot more than I thought it would!