The Patchwork Club

  1. Let's all do the :dothewave: for the denim patchwork club

    So far just the Pouchy for me but patiently waiting for the Bowly

  2. :crybaby: Am I alone?
  3. so far, the patchwork is not released until the 1st April but I'm sure there'll be lots of people joining soon
  4. Patiently waiting for my Speedy in grey!
    Congrats on your Pouchy, very nice!
  5. Here's my grey Pouchy :yahoo:


    Can't wait to get my grey speedy!!!! :jammin:
  6. awaiting the collector/tribute bag.

  7. Yay!

    another pouchy :yahoo:
  8. Here's my speedy. YAY:yahoo:

  9. the pochette looks cute, congrats!
  10. I'm in!!!!!!!!

  11. btw, what's the price of the grey Pouchy? TIA
  12. ^^I believe the pouchy is $1120. I saw it at one of my local boutiques today - it is very cute! I am now torn between the pouchy and the speedy. Waiting for my speedy to come in to decide. If I decide on the pouchy, I hope it is still available after the speedy comes in.
  13. I am thinking about the Bowly now also in the blue denim, hurry up & arrive bags please!
  14. ^ I check on this today so far no store in the UK has receive the patchwork speedies
  15. I so know it Label :sad: