The past two weeks with this ring have been horrible.

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  1. about two weeks ago, my boyfriend gave me a promise ring. Its a half-eternity band with 17 round diamonds set in 14k white gold. Its amazing! He picked it out on his own and he did great!
    The only problem, it was a 6.50 and im a size 5. So we went to a few jewelers that weekend to get it sized down. Most of them said they wouldnt do it because i would have problems with the diamonds popping out.
    I went to another jeweler who recommended sizing beads and since i felt i had no other option, i agreed. Well i regret it tons. I got it back and the sizing beads were huge!! After an hour of wearing it, my finger was swollen and in so much pain. I tried to deal with it, but it looked so awkward and bulky and just took the beauty away from the delicate band. so i got the beads removed two days ago. I got the ring back and im so disappointed. The back of the band is marked and scratched up with black lines, the actual ring is bent, and 4 diamonds are gray. Also, half of the band now has a yellow tint to it.
    before this, all my diamonds were perfectly white and shiny (i should know, i spent hours looking :smile:) and now the diamonds on each end are very dull and dark.
    I tried soaking and cleaning the ring because i thought it was just dust or something. The diamonds are still gray. I have no clue what to do, i called the jeweler and he told me to bring it in next week. I am so upset because i really loved my ring and it was perfect in every way. :cry:
    What would cause these things to happen? like the gold becoming yellow and the scratches? the diamonds are so dark they dont even look like diamonds. :mad:
  2. ^I think the diamonds got scorched by the heat when your beads were removed.
    The scratches and lines should have been buffed out before the ring was returned to you. I hope you can get it resolved!
  3. I'm so sorry to hear your story. I would feel the same way. Hopefully it gets resolved! Keep us updated :flowers:
  4. You need to speak to the store manager or owner when you go back. Don't deal with anyone else. Tell them that the condition of your ring is unacceptable in a firm, but polite manner. Try not to get emotional.
    Best of luck.
  5. Aww, how terrible! I hope you get things straightened out! Good luck!
  6. Thanks everyone :smile:

    When i spoke to the jeweler on the phone, i was polite but i did mention how acceptable his work was. If it was a couple of scratches, i would get over it but everyone who saw my ring noticed and were stunned. The diamonds were all VVS2 and F color, so you can imagine the difference. What really bothers me is how special the ring is. Its something i dont want to replace.

    Kitsunegrl, if the diamonds were scorched, can it be fixed easily or would the diamonds have to be replaced?
  7. if the diamonds were scorched they should be okay...the jeweller will just have to give them a clean in some strong chemicals, the ring will need to be buffed, polished and if its WG re-plated in rhodium, palladium etc...

    I hate to say this...but this jeweller sounds horrible- was this a goldsmith or a mall store jeweller? goldsmith is a professional who is accredited to work with fine metals. a jeweller is a common term that could define any one from someone who owns a jewellery store to an SA....

    as Vhdos said speak firmly with the "jeweller" tell him what this ring means to you, what you're expectations are for the ring (fixing/replacing the diamonds to the standards of pre sizing beads, polishing of the gold etc..) and if they do not do all of this free of charge I would kindly let them know that you will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau in your area. and if you choose not to have the sizing beads put back in which IMHO he did horribly because they should not hurt then you could also ask for your money back because he did not complete the service they promised.

    I hope this gets resolved...i hate seeing shoddy work done on such important pieces, if professional goldsmiths cannot set a stone or size a ring they will say so rather than testing their skills on someones cherished jewellery.

    good luck :smile:
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    First let me just say that I really feel for you and I am sending you a virtual hug. Your BF goes out and buys you a gorgeous ring (all on his own and with the specs you listed, can I just say WOW!!) and now you are left with a charred, scratched version of what used to be.

    I agree that you really need to let your expectations be known when talking to this 'Jeweler,' however considering how horribly this person messed-up your ring not once but twice, I would have a really hard time entrusting him/ her with it a third time. Although, at this point, you may not have another choice but to let them try to correct it. The only thing that I might add or suggest is to write down your expectations, so that there are no misunderstandings and if you do have to go to the BBB or court you have something in writing. That and take pictures so you have visible proof. A picture speaks a thousand words.

    Good Luck and I hope to see a picture of your beautiful ring, with all this ugliness left in the past, soon :smile:
  9. First off I want to say, I am so sorry you have to go through this.

    If I were you, I would take the ring for some second opinions, before I let the original jeweler work on it again. And get in writing if possible, what other jewelers say the issue might be.
    Some jewelers are much better than others, I know this from my own experience.

    But personally, I would let someone else fix the ring, this never should have happened in the first place. I would not be able to trust the first jeweler again.

    Good luck!
  10. How disappointing. They should replate it with rhodium to get the white gold appearance back and treat the diamonds to get them back to their original color. There is hope for repair - but I hope they do it properly. They should've done it right the first time around. I'd be cautious about them giving it a second try.
  11. The best advice I can give you, from my own personal experience, is to take the ring somewhere else to have it repaired. I learned the hard way that once a jeweler demonstrates bad workmanship, it doesn't get any better on the follow-up. My situation was similar to yours in that it started out as a sizing issue, but then it became a diamonds falling out issue, then a replacement with lower-quality diamonds and bad mounting issue. I did not ultimately get anything resolved until I tossed in the towel, filed an insurance claim for the damaged rings, accepted a $1,000 loss, and went to another jeweler for new rings. On the bright side, even though I lost money, the second jeweler was skilled and devoted to doing perfect work, and I found someone I could trust for my future needs. Hopefully your situation won't be anywhere near the mess I was in, but paying a little more money to take your ring somewhere else for repair is, I think, your best option. Good luck, and let us know what happens.
  12. oh my gosh, how terrible! i don't know how to fix this, but i am wishing you the best...
  13. Candice0985, It was a jeweler but not at the mall. He owns his own store.

    Thanks again everyone for all the kind words and advice :flowers:

    I guess I have to wait and see. Im hesitant about going to another jeweler because the ring really does look awful and im afraid they will tell me im better off replacing it. This morning, I noticed one of the "gray" diamonds fell out when i was cleaning it again. And he didnt even size it! Im waiting for the shop to open up and im going there in person to speak with him again.
    I dont even want to look at the ring right now. I put it in a ring box for safe keeping and to make sure no more stones go anywhere.
    I might seem a little dramatic but i cant even explain how special the ring was to me. My BF definitely worked hard to get that ring and it makes me mad to see it now.

    I took a picture of it last night. The pictures are horrible quality because theyre taken with my cell's camera but even through the crappy lighting and quality, you can see the difference in the diamonds.

    and I also will post a picture of the ring when it had the sizing beads, i took a couple for someone who had questions about sizing beads a few days back.

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  14. I would try first at the jeweler that messed it up, explain what is wrong, tell them they must fix it and if they won't, make a complaint w/ BBB. If the stones are falling out, you need to address it ASAP. Then, I'd take it to a another person for a second opinion about what can be done, if they refuse to fix it. If it can't be fixed, I think the jeweler needs to replace it. What is the policy on warranty for work?
  15. wow.
    I'm so sorry this happened to you OP.
    I can only imagine what you're feeling right now. I would be devastated if one of the rings my BF got me was damaged like that :sad:
    Hope things work out with the ring. Keep us updated!