The Paris Hilton Striptease and More...

  1. But not really....

    I had an amazing time in Paris. It truly is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    The H in the Paris Hilton was actually nicely stocked. As soon as we arrived at the hotel I ran to the shop to see what they had. Lots of Kellys on display and I played with a Kelly Flat in Swift Parchemain for awhile. It was the first time I had seen one IRL and it was just so beautiful. I asked about the Birkin situation and the SAs (there were 3 working there in a tiny and quiet shop and I was the only customer) were all really excited to show me what they had. It was a 30cm Clemence Birkin with PHW. So pretty but since I already have an orange bag I had to pass. The SAs were all so lovely and really wanted me to play with the Birkin.

    I wake up early the next day and head over to FSH. I had butterflies walking into the store. I guess I was just overwhelmed with excitement. There was so much on display! So much eye candy. Kellys in every shape, size, and color. The SA showed me a Kelly Flat and Pouchette in Etoupe and i really fell in love with the Pouchette. The also had tons of Kellys in the back. In every size and color imaginable! Then I asked about a Birkin. She had a Havanne box in 35cm but I am already borrowing my mothers 35 Havanne. She read off quite a number of 30cm. Chocolate, ostrich, orange. But nothing for me. The SA was so sweet. She was really excited about all the bags she read off. She kept telling me she had something really special like a lizard kelly pouchette and ostrich kelly.

    The I ran over to George V for my final attempt. There was a group of French ladies in there looking at the Kellys and they were all so elegant. I spy the Kelly wallets in the case below them and the SA brings them out to show me. First time I saw the wallet so very excited. I then ask the SA for a Birkin and she says probably not but asks what size. I said 35cm and she went to ask the manager. The chat and she tells me she has xxx. Brings me to the back and tells me to wait. Brings out one box with the right label but no Birkin inside. Brings out another one and I immediately take it home!!! DSCF1171.JPG [​IMG]
  2. can't wait to see:nuts:
  3. Whooo hooo! Some friday action! Bring it on!!!
  4. black Birkin ?????!!!!!!!
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    here we go!!!
  6. Impatiently waiting. LOL
  7. hooray. Its seems like its raining bags lately
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    She's keeping her top on still :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  9. Nice Jusst in time studder
  10. [​IMG]

    a little peek here
  11. Hmmmmm???????
  12. Come on baby! Take it off! :graucho:
  13. Dying to see what's inside...although I know that it's absolutely MAJOR!!!
  14. Oh la la :woohoo::woohoo:
  15. Soooo excited! I love Paris reveals---can't wait to see what you brought home!