The Paris Hilton Factor.....?

  1. Has anyone else noticed that almost all the people Paris Hilton associates herself with end up with major problems?

    It makes me wonder if that girl is some kind of energy vampire. It seems very bizarre to me.

    The ones that come to mind right away are:

    Nicole Ritchie
    Britney Spears

    I know there are others ....?
  2. Lindsay Lohan is another one who ended up in rehab after befriending Paris
  3. Yes!! I agree wholeheartedly. Her boyfriend is one too! And that guy who said Lindsay is a fire-crotch.
  4. Yes..... I forgot about her too!!
  5. kind of makes you wonder...

  6. ITA! and lol i forgot about that fire-crotch remark.
  7. Also forgot to say maybe they felt they needed to drink and take drungs to put up with paris and make it all seem a bit more interesting!
  8. I think you've said it Tiger!
  9. Well, I am definitely biased, my opinion of Paris, which was not terribly high to begin with, went directly to the trashcan after the storage container incident. I am not a great admirer of bigotry.

    So, yes, I think there is a Paris "factor," and I think it goes beyond the ordinary sort of thing writ large where young people with responsibilities hang out with rich kids and learn the hard way that unlike the rich kids, they have to go to work/school, etc.

    I have the notion that Paris actually enjoys encouraging her "pals" to make bad choices and get themselves splattered all over the tabloids at best, and as you point out, their lives severely interrupted at worst.

    Believe it or not, there was a time when I thought it might be possible that Paris would do a 180 at some point and surprise us all by doing some good things with her life and her money, and certainly anything is possible, but I cannot truthfully say that I see a bright future for her.
  10. Kim Kardashian and her "scandalous" sex tape. Though these dime-a-dozen celebrity sex tapes are hardly considered scandalous anymore!
  11. You can see on 'The Simple Life' that Paris likes watching others get into trouble - the ep where Nicole throws bleach (?) onto the pool table in the bar - I think Paris could have stopped her but she seemed happy to laugh & let Richie get on with it. Personally I think she feels invincible because of all the money floating around her. She's not my favourite.
  12. Sooner or later the whole "Paris Hilton" craze will die out and then she'll just be a some snotty chick with a big bank account.
  13. Yep, I agree with you! There is definetily something weird about her.
  14. I have to agree with you here. I personalyl see Paris as someone who loves to see people down. Makes her feel good or something. Like a bully. She always laughs at all her friends publicly when they make bad choices. Like the time she admitted to calling Britney "the Animal" because she acts on impulse. I mean, what kind of friend is that?:shrugs:
  15. Here's another one: Bruce and Demi's daughter has been photo'd with Paris Hilton too... (see the thread here)