THE PAPER - A New Series On MTV

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  1. Anyone watching? I want to be Amanda. I think she's adorable, outspoken and smart! Not that I'm not all those things NOW (haha) but I mean, back then - in high school, I would have killed to be that confident!
  2. I watched this only because there was nothing else on....but oh the DRAMA!!

    Nothing is better than High School Drama...and at first, I found Amanda annoying, but in the end, the manner in which everyone spoke about her...I just felt bad.

    Definitely addicting...darn MTV!
  3. I can't watch this because I feel bad making fun of people that aren't the legal drinking age.
  4. I caught it about 15 minutes in, but I love it:rolleyes: Amanda got on my nerves at first too, but damn them other kids are mean as hell to her! Jealousy is such a nasty thing in High School!
  5. damn those other kids were mean! They were so jealous...I hope Amanda doesn't let it get to her!
  6. This is filmed at a school right by me down here... hilarious. I did not catch it yet though, but plan on watching to see if it can be another brainless show I can watch!
  7. It is my new obsession. I have a love/hate with Amanda. She deserved the title of editer in chief. She is had the most passion. Ya kinda knew it was gonna her because they focused on her the most. I don't think she is on an ego trip. I believe she sincerely wants the best for the paper. However she comes off as a know it all. And in hs, thats a no no. She doesn't take correction nor does she realize just how hated she is. But she is still in a world(highschool that is) were sometimes selfishness reigns supreme.
  8. Amanda is seriously dellusional...I mean, step up and be a leader and who cares if everyone likes you. They just need to respect you.

    Oh, and that other about the biggest sh*t talkers on earth!!!

    Again, gotta love the high school drama.
  9. I'll have to check this out! I was editor of my high school newspaper, and surprisingly there is a lot of drama that goes on behind-the-scenes even at that level.
  10. I like Amanda, there is something very sweet about her. Maybe it's her naiveness lol.
    Now that other chick in the other crew OMG I cannot stand her. Debbie Downer at it's best. lol
    I hope the kid (the one she had the one on one chat with after the ice cream social) can stop being a follower and just be her friend.
  11. Wow. Times have seriously changed. I was on Newspaper Staff in HS and we all hated it.
  12. the show is cool but honestly, hs isnt that bad lol