the PANDORA bracelet thread

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  1. Thanks so much guys!! I am sooo happy I found this forum. Without it, I would never have known what to get or anything. You all have been so helpful (and patient) with all my newbie questions.

    Yeah, XPandoraLuvX, it's the charity feather, and unfortunately not available. I have seen them on eBay but people are asking a lot for them but maybe you could find a deal.

    Pandapharm, the bead on the end on the right I bought off of eBay. It's not Pandora but it looked really nice so I bought it anyway.

    Thanks for the input on the clips. I think starburst it is, once I get home from work and can order from Perlen. I liked the tendril clips too but they even cost more on perlen, which is strange. I do like the new heart clips so maybe for my second bracelet I'll get those.
  2. I think it's probably the offer some stores are running for mothers day.
  3. Looks great!
  4. Thanks, Samia!
  5. wow!
  6. So excited! Just got back from my local jeweler where I was planning to buy two charms in order to get a new oxi bracelet. While the jeweler was ringing me up, I saw the heart shaped jewelery box that was the Feb promo sitting out. I asked if she had any more in stock and she said yes, then threw one in my bag! :woot: What a happy Pandora day!

    ETA: Just wanted to add a quick thank you to everyone here for recommending Perlen. I can't believe the great prices! Waiting for my first order from them -- two of the new openwork charms a few two tones. :smile:
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Your bracelet is gorgeous and your ring is stunning! I'm thinking starburst clip (sorry this is in relation to a former post you made, but too lazy to scroll back)...will look up the other one you mentioned - can't recall it!
  9. Hi ladies!

    Just wanted to share my new bracelet that I got with the promo last weekend in Canada. I was waiting for my new clips to come from Perlen before the reveal, lol ; -p
    So now I have a special memories/moments bracelet and a summer/ocean bracelet :- ) I'll eventually get some new blue muranos for that one, but I need to put myself on a Pandora ban for a bit, lol.

    The evil eye dangle was meant to be on a necklace (not that I have one yet, but figured it could go on another chain), but I've since decided to put it on my summer bracelet for now. Do I get another one and have 2 on each side of my wrist, or do I keep that for my necklace and get the seahorse and anchor for dangles? I like them all! Argh, lol. I might have to make a decision soon since the seahorse is going to be retired :sad:

  10. Here's my summer bracelet - didn't post in my previous message for some reason!
  11. I'm excited for the new beads :smile:
  12. Beautiful bracelets!!!
  13. Pandora911 lucky you! Is it an actual jewelry box or a packaging box?

    Kblue your bracelets are pretty.

    This thread started the same time as VCA but it gets a lot more traffic :smile:

    My necklace and free bracelet shipped out today. Can't wait to receive them! I hope tmrw but I bet mon or tues.
  14. good find. reminds me of some of the Trollbeads unique beads!! I have been looking for a good one.
  15. I'm so sad that the current promotion going on (spend 100$ get the silver bracelet) I can't opt to get the pink leather one instead..... haha.. :x
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