the PANDORA bracelet thread

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  1. hahaha no problem they havent had an increase it was a decrease they had so i dont think they wouldnt put the prices up again this soon or anytime soon too be honest.

    they seem to of gone to all the trouble of lowering prices i really think they pushed it over the top when they increased them last time they must of had a drop in sales and a lot of complaints.
  2. It really doesn't they do it straight away!! Sounds like she's taking you for a ride :/
  3. Received my lovely bracelet! So so so happy!! :heart:
  4. Oh wow that's great news thanks for letting know , I was worried the prices were getting out of control I hadn't realised they'd done that :smile: thanks

  5. where are you from?
    have you tried perlen as there prices are really good.
    then there mememe accessories they run sales too.
    both are 100% genuine.
  6. wooohoooo i bet your well chuffed.:biggrin:
  7. Overjoyed!! It's even better in life I just love it! :biggrin:
  8. awww nice one!! i am sure you will have fun filling it.
    are you just going to do all 2 tones or are you going to mix colour in or maybe add a gold charm to each section?
  9. I haven't tried perlen I wasn't sure if they were genuine but you say they are , have you personally had experience with them ?
    I purchased from mememeaccessories before and got a nice bargain and a free jewellery box was really happy with that
    I'm from the uk , England :smile: thanks for all this advice xx

  10. I literally have no idea Claire!! At the moment I want to keep it with just one charm on or nothing as I love it so much how it is I want it to stand out ( I am so gay aren't I ) rather than having loads of charms on it which I think it might detract a little from the gold clasp, ive always had silver ones so this is even more special to me! And I want to keep it looking as new as possible for as long as I can :heart: I think though, in time, I will fill it with gold and two tones :smile: xxx
  11. yes i have had a very good experience with them infact i have just placed an order this morning with perlen.
    it normally takes between 3-5 working days to get to you and shipping is free.
    i am from the uk too not far from manchester.
  12. no your not gay (well at least i dont think you are) lmao:roflmfao:
    i understand but no doubt you are going to want to add super special charms to this one to make it stand out.
    when i had mine i had colour on it and 2 tones and loved it in a way i miss it but i love my gold one loads.
  13. That's brilliant thanks for that I'm going to have a look and possibly place an order :smile: thanks so much I do really appreciate you taking the time to help me x

  14. its no problem hunny.x
  15. Sorry to be a pain but I'm havIng trouble finding the perlen site as previously I had used a link on Facebook , do you have the web address please? X

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.