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  1. my gold bracelet.

  2. Oooooooooo it's lovely!!!! Congrats bet you are pleased :biggrin: xxx
  3. i am yeah, i will get the gold flower bouquet next week.
    the only thing is i was to be only middle sectioning this bracelet as its a size too small so i wouldnt fit it on my wrist full.

    but the bouquet charm will go into one of the other sections.
    i reckon at a push i could do 2 charms on each of the outer sections and it still fit nicely hmmmm we will see lol.
  4. Lol slippery slope! Next you will be saying its full hehe!! It is gorgeous though!
  5. hahaha i will never be saying its full lol i take a 20cm and this is only 19cm if i filled it, it would be too tight for my wrist.
    i am going to add the flower bouquet to it next week but that is going to be it for a long while.
    i am starting a pink theme now thats abit more affordable lmao.
  6. Ah fair enough! I think I'm going to start a new one, not sure what I'm going to do with it though... I'm going to go slowly with it though, I might keep it empty for a while, I was thinking I want the two tone bracelet and a gold strawberry. :biggrin: xxx
  7. a 2 tone one with the strawberry would be fab!
    i used to have the gold strawberry on one of my older bracelets i must get it back.

    dont leave it too long to get that gold strawberry as they are now retired so once they have sold out there will be no more.:p
  8. Oo I know I noticed that, I'm going to get it in July I think, as I need to save a bit, and hopefully it will still be available online, and I've asked daddy for the pennies for a two tone bracelet :smile: I think he is going to give me some towards it!
  9. So I broke my two charms a month rule. Got 2 clips today so the charms in the middle section of my bracelet will not move. There goes my self control.

    Next purchase: oval lights for next month :smile:
  10. lmao i dont think there is any such thing as self control when it comes to pandora.:p
  11. yeah they should be still about in july i think because its not exactly a cheap charm they tend to stay about a little longer.
    the cheapest place that sells it is
    its currently £150.00 from them with free next day delivery.
    i like the asked daddy lmao.
  12. Hehe I could have guessed that ;) although 2 clips are essentials ;)
  13. Especially when the Pandora store is two blocks away from where I work! :biggrin:
  14. Haha yes daddy loves his little girl! And yeah that's where I was thinking of going xxx
  15. now that would be far too tempting for me lol.
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