the Panda Cles

  1. hi, Im looking at buying a Panda cles and If I cannot get one from the store I will have to get one from the internet or another site that has LV. But Im really worried that i might buy a fake so do you guys and girls have any tips for me to avoid a fake one...what are the tell tale signs ?. Thanks :flowers:
  2. Call 866, John just had one located from him, I think it was in Florida...
  3. does that number work for the UK ? :smile:
  4. let-trade also has one on his site for sale
  5. karen kooper ( has one on her site also. go under shoes&leather goods, then small leather goods, then LV. $270. :smile:
  6. Yup. Picking mine up on Tuesday... :yahoo:

    I hope you find one, Steve. :sweatdrop:
  7. thanks ;) . Im just not going to buy one from eBay for double the LV store price. lol :smile:
  8. There are 12 left in the US as of ten minutes ago. Snap them up while you can!
  9. Call a store in the UK and just ask
  10. what is the retail price? does anyone have a pic? i've never seen one!
  11. Retail price at the moment is $150. ;)
  12. OMG....when I called 866 weeks ago they said none were left. I ended up buying on eBay and getting one from an ALVA seller for $40 less than retail :smile:
  13. I wanted to get a panda cles but we are never lucky in Australia :sad:, we only get a handful of stock in and that's all.
  14. Bottom right
  15. Your Valet Key holder is cute!!! I can't wait to get my Panda!!!

    I saw the Astropills on display on Tuesday... they're bigger than I thought!!!
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