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  1. I want this bag.. Has it came in yet? I know not Los Angeles but anywhere else? I want it in blue thanks so much
  2. Have you called NYC? The folks there are nice, and I'm sure they will help you if they can. Best of luck!
  3. i called the marc by marc store last week here in sf, and they said a few more weeks...
    i'm so bummed...i wanted it for my trip next week...
  4. I *think* there is one on eBay now. They claim to have purchased it at the Bleeker store. Maybe you should give them a call. HTH!
  5. how much is shipping usually so if i call and order one its priced 48 dollars and how much for shipping from NY to CALI? thanks
  6. It is a $20 charge for shipping.
  7. The Pan Am bowler $64 is available at the Boston store, they just received a shipment. They also have the Pan Am Messenger $48. Both are available in white and navy.

    Marc Jacobs Boston
    pic15281.jpg pic19589.jpg
  8. I just got an email from the BOSTON store today..they are now stocked there...go girls!LOL!
  9. got one
  10. Exclusively available at Marc Jacobs. To order yours call 617.425.0707 - or
    fill out the form below indicating which style and color you are interested
    in and we will ship it directly to you.
    (Embedded image moved to file: pic16282.jpg)
    PanAm Bowler $64
    Available in White and Navy
    (Embedded image moved to file: pic12455.jpg)

    PanAm Messenger $48
    Available in White and Navy

    (See attached file: Customer Agreement Shipping Form.doc)

    Store Hours:
    Monday - Saturday 11-7
    Sunday 12-6

    Marc Jacobs
    81 Newbury Street
    Boston, MA 02116

    This is the email I got
  11. I know a lot of gals are looking for these!
  12. this member has been banned.Im closin
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