The Palais Royal Wristlet or Flat Cosmetic Bag/Clutch?-Opinions needed!

  1. I'm trying to decide on a little something from Marc Jacobs to add to my Christmas list and for some reason the Palais Royal items are appealing more to me than a zip clutch this year. I need help, though, because I'm trying to decide between the flat clutch that's also referred to as the cosmetic case, or the wristlet. The cosmetic case is 11" x 8" x .5" and has a zipper closure on the top. The wristlet is 9" x 6" x .5" and has a flap magnetic snap closure with a removable wrist strap.

    I would probably just be getting either one in black. The blue is really pretty, but unless I'm wearing jeans I don't think it would work with my otherwise predominantly black wardrobe. I was also considering holding out for the lilac wristlet which will be available in January, but I'm worried it would be too pastel and not the smoky lavender pictured on Saks (since their picture of the blue is way off of the color IRL, I would expect the lilac is, too). If I felt like that would would be the actual color, it would be really tempting.

    I've pictured the cosmetic case, then the wristlet and then the pic from the celebrities thread of Jennifer Jason Leigh with the cosmetic case. What are your thoughts? I'm also curious to hear whether you think the black is a safe bet or too boring! Thanks!



  2. i actually was thinking about getting the same exact case jjl has and would go with that one rather than the one with the's a litt'e bigger and you can use it as an evening bag and not worry about tit popping open and the contents faling out, if you have the other one....i'd really worry about the magnetic snap....goodluck!
  3. I think I like the larger size of the zipper clutch better. The bigger the better!!
  4. Thanks, Aggie and thithi, your input helped and I decided to go with the larger zip clutch in black. For something so small, I feel like I'm really going to get a lot of use out of this both in carrying it on its own and also as a great clutch to carry inside some of my larger bags.

    Now I'm just trying to track down a key pouch that I can toss inside to keep cards organized!
  5. ^ Great choice! Please post pictures when you get it!!
  6. I'll definitely post some pictures after the holidays!

    So I tracked down a key pouch at Saks (I wasn't fond of the ones they had available online) which they're holding and the SA said it was burgundy, so that's probably bordeaux, right? I let my husband know about it, so I guess if he decides to purchase it, I'll find out when I open it!
  7. Best of Luck!!
  8. I saw these IRL side by side, and both are nice.... I think you made a good choice. The one in the photo looks like the larger one.
  9. So I did ask for and receive the larger cosmetic/clutch bag and it was beautiful but just a tad large for how I wanted to use it. It's incredibly roomy, though, for anyone who is hoping for a clutch that will hold quite a bit. You could fit a zip clutch in it and a good bit more.

    Since I was looking for something I could easily carry in my larger bags in addition to serving as an evening clutch, I ended up doing an exchange and going for the smaller snap version instead. And, I have to say, I LOVE it! It's perfect for my uses and was being eyed up plenty while I had it out on New Year's Eve. In fact, I loved it so much that I went back and picked it up in the Lilac color, too. I'm still deciding on whether to keep that one in addition to the black, I just thought it would be a nice touch of color for warmer weather since I wear a lot of black.

    I'll try to post pics tomorrow of both the Black and Lilac!
  10. I don't think you can go wrong with either! What colors did these come in?
  11. Since I'm encountering the same issue, I thought I'd revived this thread instead of opening a new one. I ordered both and it arrived today so I'm trying to decide which to keep or none at all. The flat case/clutch is HUGE and it fits everything including my sunglasses and camera which is great but my concern is if this would be a timeless piece as the oversize clutch feels like a trend/fad to me. I definitely like the look of the wristlet much better but it doesn't fit as much (won't be able to fit sunglasses and camera) and with my keys in the inner pocket it looks a little bulky whereas the flat case/clutch fits everything to the brim and still looks perfectly normal.

    So do I go with the flat case/clutch which fits everything and its cheaper or do I go with the wristlet because it looks better? Or better yet, should I just return both and wait to get something else? Honest opinions/suggestions/feedbacks would be much appreciated. :yes:
  12. Congrats! I saw both of these yesterday at Nordstrom, and I liked the smaller wristler better. It's big enough to hold what I needed to hold. I thought the larger one was too big. But if you like bigger clutches, go for the big one.
  13. ^ Thanks for your input ashleekieu. Anyone else would like to offer their input? :yes:
  14. I like the wristlet better than the flat case because it's not too large. Plus I saw it in lilac yesterday at Saks and it's so pretty! I guess it really depends on what you would like to use it for. If you'd like a "go-to" clutch, I would get the flat case since it holds a ton. But if you already have a staple clutch, get the wristlet so when you don't want to carry as much, you can use that. What colors did you get?