The Painted Veil?

  1. Has anyone seen this movie? I'm sad that it's not playing anywhere I have access to. I just discovered it while browsing through Amazon and saw that it was released in December.

    Since I'm a huge Ed Norton fan (and Naomi Watts is nothing to sneeze at either), I'm planning on buying the DVD when it comes out.

    However, I'm a big fan of love too :p and if anyone saw this movie, can you please tell me if it's a happy ending (i.e. they fall in love and live happily ever after) vs. a sad ending (i.e. they fall in love but something bad one of them dies)?

    Overall, is this film worthwhile? I've heard many good reviews about it.
  2. I know two people who saw loved it and one was bored out of her mind. If you like Ed Norton...have you seen The Illusionist? Great film and he is great in it...saw him on stage a few years back doing Burn This and love him.
  3. Yup! Watched The Illusionist. Was actually a much better film than I expected given that my friends thought it was just okay. I have to say it kept me guessing.