The Paddington Lock: How much is it worth?

  1. Does anyone have any idea how much the lock itself is worth?

    An SA is trying to locate a lock for my Paddy, which was bought missing a lock. She says if she can't locate one, she will give me an extra 10% discount (a discount that would equal $86) which I think is bull:cursing:. Anyone have an idea?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. mimi,
    call the Chloe Boutiques (CA or NY) and ask them how much it would be to replace your lock.
  3. LOL, good suggestion :smile: I should have done that before posting.

    I just called and the girl at the boutique and she said the lock costs about $100, but that I should go through NM where I bought the paddy to purchase it. Now if only that SA would hop to it...
  4. I need a new lock too. I got a great discount on my Paddy b/c the lock was broken. My DH got it to close but now it keeps popping open. I may fiddle with it more tonight.
  5. I would definitely argue that you should get much more than a 10% discount on a bag without a padlock, as, although the padlock may cost this - it is this very feature that makes the bag covetable, and what it is, in the first place :biggrin:
  6. If you get the lock replaced, will they replace that strip of leather that's wrapped around the lock?? Do they have all the colors available?
  7. they have to send it to Chloe paris for the strip to be replaced :smile: