The Paddington is so fabulous that...

  1. My Chocolate Paddy looks fabu even with my black boots and grey coat! It looks great with black! How neato is that?!

    I'll have to take photos tomorrow!
  2. WOOHOO!
    Can't wait to see pics, girl!
  3. I love brown and black together. Very fresh color combo!! Rock that paddy!
  4. ooh - can't wait til you post your pics! I agree with Rockerchic that black and brown together are great! I LOVE wearing my choco paddy with everything!
  5. Another brown and black fan, here! :biggrin:

    I also love navy and black. :yes:
  6. ^^
    ooh me too chloe! Some people say it's a huge no... but I think navy and black works! and works really well at that!
  7. I love choco paddy... can't wait to see your pics!!!

  8. :yes:

    Some nice examples of reddish brown and black and navy, blue and black in the A/W '05 - '06 Chloe R-T-W Show:

  9. Oooh yes - ITA.:love:
    And navy and grey. Or is that just me...?:shame: :nuts:

    Can't wait to see pics Ella!:yes:
  10. Sorry that I haven't posted this yet..

  11. ooh! YEA! I just won my first Paddington today.. and it is CHOCOLATE!! Now I am even more excited to get it!!
  12. mmmmm looks good before this i would have said NO!!! Loving the middle outfit!!