The Overseas bag with pics*

  1. This arrived last week and I've carried her out once so far. I know this bag isn't too popular but I really love how it looks when carried. I don't have modelling pictures yet but she looks really pretty and I love the ivory.


  2. I'm not usually a drawstring fan but I really like this one!
  3. Love the color and style; the leather looks very soft.
  4. :woohoo:Please post modeling pics! I've been thinking of purchasing this bag. Also, can you post some photos of the interior if you have a chance?
  5. Very pretty and I love the chain. Can I ask how heavy it is????
  6. Id like to see modeling pics too! The bag is nice, but is it comfortable to wear?
  7. Congrats Aurora! YSL marketed these very heavily, but there are lots available for sale right now. I've always thought its a gorgeous bag, but my only concern has been the toggle/drawstring closure. Is it difficult to deal with? I like how slouchy chic it looks!!!!
  9. Is that the medium or the large? Beautiful bag!!
  10. Thank you tuna lala and justwatchin for your compliments.

    beautifulday32: Here is the picture of the interior. It's made of grey felt. I can't photograph it properly cos the opening of the bag isn't big and its quite slouchy without stuffing in it. I took another picture of the pouch so you can see how its like. :smile: I don't have proper lighting now so I'll try to take a modeling picture soon!

    gillianna, the bag doesn't seem very heavy when I carry it empty but once I put stuff into it, it did get quite heavy, but it could be becos I overdid it a little! The chain is quite light though, I have the stam so this is less of a challenge :lol:

    noon, yes it is comfortable to wear..I really love the look of it. The straps aren't very long so they're not good with coats but I live on a tropical island where its summer all year long so it works out well now

    Cosmopolitan, I use a purse kit inside so I just have to feel around for the smaller stuff and get it out. In fact I don't even remove the toggle unless I'm taking out something big. Otherwise I can squeeze everything out through either side. I do however have to take off one handle to do so but I don't find it too troublesome. I called the YSl boutiques but I think they were only marked down 40%. NM had a better deal. I actually had my SA locate this for me when during the recent markdown. :yahoo:
  11. Thank you! This is the medium :graucho:
  12. Congratulations on your new Overseas, I think it looks absolutely perfect for life on a tropical island! I'm looking forward to modeling pics, too, since I think the only time I've seen it being worn is in the Lily Allen pictures where she's carrying her Large.

    They have the cute matching wallet available on Bluefly, too! :graucho:

  13. Thanks for the interior photos. Love it!