The Oval: should i buy it?

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  1. I've just received an email from Balenciaga Paris..
    I was looking for the Oval but unfortunately they do not have this style in the fall/winter colours..
    They have this colour left:
    white, emerald, green, ink ( navy-purple), dark orange and blue (like blue jeans). Which one ? :flowers: :flowers:

    If someone is interested they have:
    THE POCHETTE : cream, light
    blue, grey, powder pink, black and lilac.

    THE MAKE UP : in ink (navy-purple), kaki green,
    powder pink, brown, black and lilac

    THE CLUTCH : kaki green and light green
  2. ^ Out of those colors, I'd go for ink.
  3. I just saw the Oval in lilac and it was very pretty. I also saw it in Black. Are you debating btwn all of these colors? Did you limit it down?
  4. I like white and blue ( maybe is cornflower)... Did you see the oval in the new fall colours?
  5. White is pretty :tender:, but since it's handheld, it'll probably get dirty too fast? If blue is cornflower, I'll go for that one, or ink
  6. ink! i saw that in person and it was really cool!
  7. No- I haven't seen it in the new colors.
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