The Outnet Sale Success Stories

  1. The most anticipated sale of the season is here! Come join the official NAP sale discussion thread and share your haul with us!
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  1. Is there anyone that did score something sweet from the infamous $1 sale?

    I purchased these:
    Brian Atwood Cork Platforms originally $665
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    ^^^ Congrats!!! Amazing shoes!!!

    I got this pair of Holston shoes:yahoo::yahoo:

    Patent leather cutout sandals
    Original Price $750
    Outnet Price $1

    I was so close to getting a Roberto Cavelli Paisley-print gown
    Original Price $4615. Item was sold just when I click to pay!!!
  3. i got this! + runway photo + it in the Spring 2008 ad campaign. Originally $4730
    32513_in_dl.jpg 00310m.jpg 87981179.jpg
  4. Amazing steal! Congrats! I see you like patent leather too hehe.

  5. Yay! Perfect flowy White dress for Summer, enjoy!

  6. Amzing dress!!! And a more amazing price tag !!! Congrats:yahoo:So happy for u
  7. I got this Vera Wang dress for my small wedding (i have 3 weddings in different places lol)

  8. Wow, zhou_l, that dress is beautiful!
  9. I didn't get anything. :crybaby: Congrats ladies.
  10. I couldn't even access the website it would say "error" everytime I tried. But CONGRATULATIONS!!
  11. @ Sabishka and Rolla I'm so sorry you guys didn't get to purchase anything. ya know what they say you miss out on something good, better things are in store!
  12. I got this dress:

  13. Oooohhh great steals everyone!! Onederland that Chloe is absolutely amazing:nuts: Everything was sold out by the time I checked it out but I'm excited to see all the goodies scored by pf'ers!
  14. Thanks for sharing your finds, ladies! I slept right through it but am glad to see some tpf'ers score.