The Outnet Americas Clearance Sale

  1. Thanks for the info!!! I'm dying here........ I want this so baaaddd going to just pray to the gods of shopping and mirth things will pick up.
  2. Anyone knows when the international Outnet clearance sale starts?
  3. On Facebook they say 'in the next week or two". So thinking that it will be this weekend or next week maybe..
  4. I guess people tend to shop both sales no matter which continent they live in, is that right?

    Say I find something I want in the international sale, can I buy it in USD? I assume the shipping would be much greater- its typically around $30-$40 for shipping to Eurozone for me in California.

    Do the things that didn't sell in the US sale now get relisted in the International sale, I wonder?
  5. Let's hope so or there won't be any money for me left to shop, as I am already spending my money on other sales, lol :giggles::p.
    I wonder if the International sale is also final sale like the US Outnet sale (so that you can't return an item)?
  6. I think you can buy from both sales. I don't do that because customs are pretty high here when I buy outside Europe. So it wouldn't be worth it for me to buy outside Europe when customs charge you 40%...yes, that's right, 40%...crazy huh :sweatdrop:.

    I am not sure if the items that won't sell on the US sale, will be relisted in the International sale. Maybe someone else can answer that question for you ;).
  7. I actually just bought a gown off Outnet International (UK) and had it shipped to California. Since the pound is at a decent rate, it ended up being about $10 cheaper than the same item off Outnet America (I had to buy it from UK site because the US site was out of stock).

    Problem is shipping is 30 British Pounds which is about $47 US. They use DHL Express International, I ordered on Tuesday and received my order Friday. But since the Olympics are going on in London now and I'm sure the airports are busy, you might have a delay on your order. The DHL rep I spoke to said they're anticipating longer delivery times but it shouldn't be that bad.
  8. thanks to all about the info on international ordering from California! I have never ordered from an international site on the internet that I can remember. Outnet seems to have a bug where when I hit <next page> on some of my product searches, it takes me to the international site and thats how I discovered what was available there. I am hoping for a better selection for the clearance sale - probably coming up this week. And maybe better prices- the US clearance prices were meh.

    <sigh> it looks like a double dip recession so we are going to be getting better prices for everything soon.
  9. Any idea when will the international clearance start?&#12288;I've been waiting for a long time~
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    they are really taking their time ...I hope it'll start tomorrow but I guess next thursday is more realistic.
  11. its probably the olympics that is causing the delay.
  12. So annoying this wait.....